15 Best Arduino Starter Kits Reviewed in 2023

Are you confused to select the best arduino starter kit? Here we provide a list of best Arduino starter kits.You can choose the best one according to your requirement.Here we have categorized this list into 3 categories i.e for beginners ,advanced(advanced kits include more sensor ,advanced arduino boards etc which requires more efforts for a novice to work with it) and basic(i.e kits without arduino board). Let’s go into the post without wasting time.

Here is the list of top 15 arduino starter kits. These are the things you should know before buying  an arduino starter kit.

1.Different Number of components : Check the different number of components included in the kit. This does not mean quantity of components which is generally mentioned. There is no use to have same resistors or capacitors in hundred numbers. Generally, advanced components helps you exploring new projects.

2.Budget : Check for budget friendly kits. If you are inexperienced there may be chance of damaging the components.So it is always better to start with less economical kits.In this post we tried our best to give you the best arduino starter kits in a low budget.

3.Compatibility : Check whether the components and boards available in a kit are compatible with other boards also.As arduino is open many companies have come up with their own boards.Check the components in your kit are compatible to other kits also.

Considering all the above points below kits are selected.

Arduino Starter KitBeginners Check Price
ELEGOO UNO Super Starter KitBeginners Check Price
ELEGOO Mega Most Complete Ultimate Starter KitAdvanced Check Price
ELEGOO UNO Most Complete Starter KitAdvanced Check Price
Vilros Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter KitBeginners Check Price
REXQualis Super Starter KitAdvanced Check Price
ELEGOO UNO Basic Starter KitBeginners Check Price
Kuman Complete Starter KitBeginners Check Price
LAFVIN Super Starter KitBeginners Check Price
SunFounder Mega Super Starter Kit Advanced Check Price
SunFounder Complete Starter KitBeginners Check Price
Smraza Basic Starter KitBasic Check Price
SunFounder Electronics Fun KitBasic Check Price
REXQualis Electronics Basic KitBasic Check Price
ELEGOO Electronic Fun KitBasic Check Price

1) Arduino Starter Kit

This starter kit is from Arduino. A original is worth more than a copy, so, this kit stand first in the race.This kit has 800+ reviews. As this kit is from arduino itself no need to think about the quality. This kit is available in different languages. Here we provide official English kit. This kit comes with 170 pages PDF, which gives 15 fun projects. This is best selling kit. If you want to buy a similar one at low cost then scroll down

List of Components in the kit :

  1. Arduino Projects Book
  2. Arduino UNO
  3. USB cable
  4. Breadboard 400 Pins-1
  5. Easy-to-assemble wooden base-1
  6. 9V battery snap-1
  7. Solid core jumper wires -70
  8. Stranded jumper wire -1
  9. Photo transistors -6
  10. 10KΩ Potentiometers-6
  11. Push buttons -10
  12. Temperature sensor TMP36-1
  13. Tilt sensor-1
  14. Alphanumeric LCD (16×2 character display)-1
  15. LEDs (1 x Bright White, 1 x RGB, 8 x Red, 8 x Green, 8 x Yellow and 3 x Blue)
  16. Small DC motor (6/9V)-1
  17. Small servo motor-1
  18. Piezo capsule-1
  19. H-bridge motor driver L293D-1
  20. Optocouplers (4N35) -2
  21. MOSFET Transistors(IRF520)-2
  22. Capacitors -(5 x 100nF, 3 x 100µF, 5 x 100pF)
  23. Diodes 1N4007 -5
  24. Transparent gels (red, green, blue)
  25. 40 pin male header strip
  26. Resistors -(20 x 220Ω, 5 x 560Ω, 5 x 1KΩ, 5 x 4.7Ω, 10 x 10KΩ, 5 x 1MΩ, 5 x 10MΩ)
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2) ELEGOO UNO Super Starter Kit

The next kit in the race is Elegoo UNO super starter kit. Elegoo made their own clones to arduino,those are compatible with arduino. You can check the difference between Arduino and Elegoo .In this post  there are 4 Elegoo starter kits for beginners and advanced. 

Super starter kit  is one of the best economical starter kits for beginners from Elegoo. This kit has 2000+ reviews. There are very few complaints about the missing components, but don’t worry customer care is very supportive.

This kit comes along with a PDF tutorial containing 22 lessons. The LCD module provided has pin header .It includes power supply module, 9v battery.

List of Components in the kit : 

  1. ELEGOO UNO R3 Controller Board– 1
  2. LCD1602 Module (with pin header) – 1
  3. Breadboard Expansion Board – 1
  4. Power Supply Module – 1
  5. Joystick Module – 1
  6. IR Receiver – 1-
  7. Servo Motor (SG90) – 1
  8. Stepper Motor – 1
  9. ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board – 1
  10. Ultrasonic Sensor – 1
  11. DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module – 1
  12. 9V Battery with DC – 1
  13. Jumper Wire – 65
  14. USB Cable – 1
  15. Active Buzzer – 1
  16. Passive Buzzer – 1
  17.  Potentiometer – 1
  18.  5V Relay – 1
  19.  Breadboard – 1
  20.  Remote – 1
  21.  Tilt Switch – 1
  22.  Button (small) – 5
  23.  1 digit 7-segment Display – 1
  24.  4 digit 7-segment Display – 1
  25.  LED(Yellow/Blue/Green/White/Red) – 5each
  26.  Photo resistor – 2
  27. Thermistor – 1
  28. Diode Rectifier (1N4007) – 2
  29. NPN Transistor (PN2222) – 2
  30. IC 74HC595 (serial to serial/parallel IC) – 1
  31. Resistor(10,100,220,330,1k,5.1k,1k,10k,100k 1M) – 10 each
  32.  Female-to-male DuPont Wire – 10
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3)ELEGOO Mega Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit

This is another kit from elegoo. It has nearly 1100+ reviews. This  is an advanced kit with sensors and modules. The main controller board included here is elegoo MEGA.MEGA is an advanced board in terms of  i/o pins, RAM, memory. When you want to explore more advanced projects requiring like robotics, you can choose this kit.

There are some complaints about the working of board. But overall all the components quality and quantity is good. This kit includes PDF with 35 lessons.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. Elegoo mega controller Board-1
  2. Power supply-1
  3. Proto type Board-1
  4. Bread board
  5. Sound sensor module-1
  6. HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor-1
  7. Ultrasonic Sensor
  8. GY-521 Module
  9.  MAX7219 Module
  10. 1pcs Water Lever Sensor 
  11. 1pcs RTC Module 
  12. 1pcs RC522 RFID Module
  13. 1pcs Rotary Encoder Module 
  14. 1pcs IR Receiver Module 
  15. 1pcs Joystick Module 
  16. 1pcs Keypad Module
  17. 1pcs LCD1602 Module ( with pin header) 
  18. Dot matrix display
  19. 1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
  20. 1pcs Remote
  21. 1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board 
  22. 1pcs Servo Motor (SG90) 
  23. 1pcs Stepper Motor
  24. 1pcs 3V Servo Motor 
  25. 7-segment display(1-digit,4 digit)-1 each
  26. USB Cable
  27. 1pcs 5V Relay
  28. LEDs(Red/Blue/Green/White/Yellow)- 5 each
  29. Resistors(10,100,220,330,1k,2k,5.1k,10k,100k,1M)-10 each
  30. Potentiometer-2
  31. Female-to-male DuPont Wire-20
  32. Tilt Switch -1
  33. Button (small) -5
  34. IC L293D -1
  35. IC 74HC595-1 
  36. Active Buzzer 
  37. Passive Buzzer 
  38. Jumper Wire-65
  39. 9V Battery -1
  40. NPN Transistor (PN2222)-5
  41. NPN Transistor (S8050)-5
  42. Diode Rectifier (1N4007) -5
  43. Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 100UF)- 2pcs 
  44. RGB LED-1
  45. Ceramic Capacitor(22pf,104) -5each
  46.  Photo resistor -2
  47.  Thermistor-1
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4) ELEGOO UNO Most Complete Starter Kit

This is another advanced kit from Elegoo. It has 470+ reviews. The above advanced kit from elegoo and this one are same. The only difference is that controller board. Here Elegoo UNO R3 is the controller board used.

As usual with all the elegoo products, there are some problems like missing components and problems with the breadboard.

 It is compatible with arduino IDE. It has a PDF explaining the use of all components with more than 30 lessons. The modules are pre-soldered ,so easy to wire up and saves a lot of time.

The components provided in this are of high quality. It has 60 kinds of components

  1. LEDs(white/Yellow/Blue/Green/Red)-5 each 
  2. RGB LED-1
  3. 22pf Ceramic Capacitor(22PF,104)-5 each
  4. Photoresistor-2
  5. Thermistor-1
  6. Diode Rectifier (1N4007)-5
  7. Electrolytic Capacitor(10UF,100UF)-2
  8. NPN Transistor (PN2222)-5
  9. NPN Transistor (S8050)-5
  10. Tilt Switch-1
  11. Button (small)-5
  12. 7-segment Display(1 digit,4 digit)-1 each
  13. Sound Sensor Module-1
  14. LCD1602 Module (with pin header)-1
  15. IC L293D-1
  16. IC 74HC595-1
  17. Active Buzzer-1
  18. Passive Buzzer-1
  19. RTC Module-1
  20. DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module-1
  21. Potentiometer-2
  22. Rotary Encoder Module-1
  23. Joystick Module
  24. Keypad Module
  25. 5V Relay
  26. IR Receiver Module
  27. UNO R3 Controller Board
  28. Breadboard
  29. Servo Motor (SG90)
  30. Stepper Motor
  31. ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board
  32. Prototype Expansion
  33. Power Supply Module
  34. HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor
  35. Ultrasonic Sensor
  36. GY521 Module
  37. 3V Motor
  38. MAX7219 Module
  39. Remote
  40. 9V 1A Power Supply
  41. Jumper Wire-65
  42. Water Lever Sensor
  43. USB Cable
  44. 9V Battery with DC
  45. RC522 RFID Module
  46. Resistor (10R,100R,220,330,1k,2k,5.1k,10k,100k,1M)-10 each
  47. Female-to-male Dupont Wire-20
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5) Vilros Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit

This kit has few components with which you can make good projects. This is beginners kit. This kit has 900+ reviews. There is very good feedback about manual attached. No negative feedback about faulty components.

It comes with a 72 page manual explaining the use of each component included in it and arduino programming. This kit has an arduino board and breadboard holder ,allowing you to connect other components  easily.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. Arduino Uno Rev 3-1
  2. Arduino & Breadboard Holder-1
  3. Shift Register-1
  4. P2N2222A Transistors-2
  5. 1N4148 Diodes-2
  6. DC Motor with wires-1
  7. Small Servo-1
  8. 5V Relay-1
  9. TMP36 Temp Sensor-1
  10. 1X 6′ USB Cable-1
  11. Jumper Wires-65
  12. Photocell-1
  13. Tri-color LED-1
  14. Red LED-10
  15. yellow LED-10
  16. 10K Trimpot-1
  17. Piezo Buzzer-1
  18. Big 12mm Buttons-2
  19. 330 Resistors-45
  20. 10K Resistors-45
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6)REXQualis Super Starter Kit

This starter kit is from RExqualis. It  has  350+ reviews. This is another best advanced kit at this price. very few complaints about working of components. You can get  most of the components to  do basic projects.

This kit is economical and contains all components required for a beginner. It consists of UNO R3 controller board ,an Arduino clove by rexqualis. you can make 23 projects using this kit. kit consists of 30 kinds of components. This kit has 9v 1 amp power adapter.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. 1pcs UNO R3 Controller Board
  2. 1pcs Breadboard Expansion Board
  3. 1pcs Power Supply Module
  4. 1pcs LCD1602 Module (with pin header)
  5. 1pcs Membrane Switch Module
  6. 1pcs 9V 1A Adapter
  7. 1pcs Joystick Module
  8. 1pcs Servo Motor (SG90)
  9. 1pcs Stepper Motor
  10. 1pcs 3-6V Motor
  11. 1pcs Fan Blade
  12. 1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board
  13. 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor
  14. 1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
  15. 1pcs IR Receiver
  16. 1pcs Battery Clip with Male DC
  17. 1pcs 65 Jumper Wire
  18. 20pcs F/M Dupont Wire
  19. 1pcs USB Cable
  20. 1pcs Breadboard
  21. 1pcs Active Buzzer
  22. 1pcs Passive Buzzer
  23. 1pcs Potentiometer
  24. 1pcs 5V Relay
  25. 1pcs Remote
  26. 1pcs Tilt Switch
  27. 1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display
  28. 1pcs 4 digit 7-segment Display
  29. 2pcs Photoresistor
  30. 2pcs Thermistor
  31. 2pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007)
  32. 2pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222)
  33. 1pcs IC 74HC595
  34. 1pcs IC L293D
  35. 5pcs Button (small)
  36. 1pcs RGB LED
  37. 5pcs Yellow LED
  38. 5pcs Blue LED
  39. 5pcs Green LED
  40. 5pcs Red LED
  41. 120pcs Resistor
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7) Kuman Complete Starter Kit

This kit has 290+ reviews. This is beginners starter kit. This kit has complaints on quality of the components.+

This is another starter kit with reliable components. The components quality is good. The older version of this kit does not include any user guide. But this is an upgraded version. So it includes a CD for project.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. 1.Kuman UNO R3 development boardx1
  2. USB cable x1
  3. Prototype extension board x1
  4. Mini breadboard x1
  5. 5V stepper motor x1
  6. 2003 stepper motor driver board x1
  7. Red LED x5
  8. Green LED x5
  9. Yellow LED x5
  10. Vibration Sensor x2
  11. Flame sensor x1
  12. LM35 temperature sensor x1
  13. Infrared receiver x1
  14. Photoresistor x3
  15. Key cap x 4
  16. Key switch x4
  17. Adjustable potentiometer x1
  18. Passive buzzer piezo buzzer x1
  19. Active buzzer tone generator x1
  20. Jumper cap x1
  21. Large breadboard x1
  22. Remote Control x 1
  23. 1602 Screen x1
  24. Breadboard module x1
  25. HC-SR04 module x1
  26. Component box x1
  27. DuPont line 1 x10pin
  28. Breadboard lineapproximately x30
  29. 8*8 dot matrix x1
  30. One digit eight segment tube x 1
  31. Four digit eight segment tube x1
  32. IC 74HC595 x1
  33. Battery Holder x1
  34. Resistance 5 x 220ohm
  35. Resistance 5 x 330ohm
  36. Ohm resistance 1K x5
  37. Ohm resistance 10K x5
  38. Battery 9V x1
  39. 40pin pin header 2.54mm x1
  40. Three color LED module x1
  41. Thermistor module x1
  42. Touch sensor x1
  43. CD with tutorialx1
  44. plastic box x1
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8) ELEGOO UNO Basic Starter Kit

This is a basic starter kit from Elegoo. This is similar to elegoo super starter kit. But the difference is Only basic components were included in this kit. This has 100+reviews. Elegoo kits always show complaints about missing parts and faulty components .This kit comes with a CD containing 10 lessons explaining the working of each and every component in the kit. This tutorial explains how to install arduino IDE. Each lesson had detailed explanation about connections ,code and components

List of Components in the kit :

  1. UNO R3 Controller Board-1
  2. USB Cable-1
  3. Breadboard-1
  4. Jumper Wire-65
  5. IC 74HC595-1
  6. Active Buzzer-1
  7. Tilt Switch-1
  8. Photo resistor-1
  9. LED(Yellow/Blue/Green/Red/white)-5 each
  10. RGB LED-1
  11. Button-5
  12. Resistor (10R,100R,330R,1k,2k,5.1k,10k,100k,1M)-10 each
  13. Resistor 220-30
  14. Female-to-male DuPont Wire-5
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9) LAFVIN Super Starter Kit

This is a starter  kit for beginners from LANVIN. This is an advanced starter kit. This kit has 184 reviews. This kit includes R3 controller board. Kit includes a tutorial with 20 lessons. LCD Module included comes with a pin header. Check the list of components included in this kit. With very little flaws this is a good kit for beginners.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. R3 Controller similar to Arduino UNO
  2. Prototype Expansion
  3. Stepper Motor
  4. USB Cable
  5. Remote
  6. Jumper Wire-65
  7. Power Supply Module
  8. Resistors (100)
  9. ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board
  10. Ultrasonic Sensor
  11. Joystick Module
  12. Membrance Switch Module
  13. Water Level Detection Sensor Module
  14. Fan Blade and 3V DC Motor each
  15. 7-segment Display(1 digit,4 digit)-1 each
  16. DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
  17. Potentiometer(10K)
  18. IR Receiver Module
  19. Sound Sensor Module
  20. Servo Motor (SG90)
  21. LCD1602 Module
  22. 5V Relay
  23. F-M Dupont Wire
  24. 9V Battery Connector with DC (1 lithium ion battery)
  25. Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V)
  26. L293D
  27. 74HC595
  28. Passive Buzzer Active Buzzer
  29. Small Button (5)
  30. RGB Led
  31. Leds(Red Led, Yellow Led, Blue Led, Green Led, White Led)-5 each
  32. Diode Rectifier 1N4007(2)
  33. PN2222 NPN Transistor (2)
  34. Thermistor
  35. Photoresistor (2)
  36. 830 Tie-Points Breadboard
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10)SunFounder Mega Super Starter Kit

This is an advanced kit from SunFounder. If you want to experiment with a robotics, 3D printer etc i.e where you need more memory space, more RAM and more i/o pins than UNO then this is the best choice. The controller board included here is SunFounder MEGA 2560.Sunfounder is providing clear and easy instructions set online. Here is the link. Before buying it you can check it here.https://docs.sunfounder.com/projects/uno-mega-kit/en/latest/for_mega2560_user.html

List of Components in the kit :

  1. SunFounder Mega board-1
  2. Ultrasonic sensor
  3. Humidity sensor-1
  4. LCD1602
  5. DC motor
  6. Stepper motor driver.
  7. Servo motor
  8. Power supply module
  9. Joystick module for ps2-1
  10. Remote
  11. Infrared receiver
  12. 5V relay
  13. L293d-1
  14. 74HC595-1
  15. Buttons-5
  16. ULN2003 Driver-1
  17. Bread board -1
  18. Ceramic capacitors(104)-4
  19. LEDs(Red/white/green/yellow)-5 each
  20. RGB-1
  21. Photo resistor-1
  22. Resistors(10,100,220,330,1k,2k,5.1k,10k,100k,1M)-10 each
  23. Duopont wires
  24. Potentiometer-1
  25. Thermistor-1
  26. Seven segment display(one digit,4 digit)-each 1
  27. LM35-2
  28. USB cable-1
  29. Fan
  30. Jumper wire
  31. Battery buckle-1
  32. 1n4007 diode-1
  33. Tilt switch-1
  34. Active buzzer-1
  35. CD.
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11)SunFounder Complete Starter Kit

This is a beginners starter kit from SunFounder. It includes SunFounder UNO board. This kit has 81 reviews. There are no complaints on working of components. Here is list of components.

It contains all the components similar to the above super starter kit. Only the difference is MEGA board is replaced with UNO.

Here is the list of basic starter kits available. These kits do not include Arduino board. If you already have an arduino you choose these kits.

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12)Smraza Basic Starter Kit

This is a basic starter kit where the arduino board is not included. This kit includes all the components that are compatible with the arduino. It has 73 reviews.

This is really a good kit with all basic set  of all components. As you experiment with more electronics you need more components but this kit is a good start for beginners. The only disadvantage with this kit is, It does not include power cord. Any ways you can buy it separately.

Here  is the list of components included in this kit :

  1. Breadboard
  2. Power supply
  3. Jumper wires-1×65
  4. Resistors
  5. Precision potentiometer-1
  6. LEDs
  7. Active buzzer
  8. Passive buzzer
  9. Thermistor
  10. Photoresistor
  11. IC4N35-Octocoupler
  12. Shift register
  13. Buttons
  14. LEDS(white, yellow, Blue, Green, Red)-10each
  15. Resistors(10,100,220,330,1k,2k,5.1k,100k,1M)-10 each
  16. Diode rectifiers(1N4007)-5
  17. NPN transistors-5
  18. Electrolytic capacitors(10UF 5ov,100UF 50v)-5 each
  19. Ceramic capacitors(104,22PF)-10 each
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13)SunFounder Electronics Fun Kit

This is another basic starter which does not include arduino board from SunFounder. It has  reviews. It includes 300 components.it has 33 reviews. This kit includes components like LCD, servo motor, relay, seven segment display etc. Here is the reference link provided by SunFounder about this kit.


Here is the list of components :

  1. Seven segments
  2. LCD 1602
  3. Button
  4. Servo
  5. Bread board
  6. Breadboard-1
  7. 1M USB Cable-1
  8. Passive buzzer-1
  9. Relay-1
  10. Shift register(74HC595)-1
  11. Optocoupler(-1(4N35)
  12. Slide switches-5
  13. 555 timer-1
  14. RGB LED-1
  15. LEDs(RED,GREEN,WHITE,BLUE,yellow)-10pieces  each
  16. Resistors(10,100,220,330,1k,2k,5.1k,10k,100k,1M)-10 piece each
  17. Diodes(1N4007)-5
  18. Zener diode-1
  19. Ceramic capacitors(104,103)-10 each
  20. Electrolytic capacitors(10UF,100UF)-5PCS Each
  21. Transistor(S5080)-2PCS
  22. 2N7000 transistor-1
  23. Thermistor-1PC
  24. Tilt switch-1PC
  25.  Photoresistor-2PCS
  26. potentiometer-2PCS
  27. Active buzzer-1
  28. DUOpoint wires-20
  29. Battery snap-1pc
  30. Jump wires-65
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14)REXQualis Electronics Basic Kit

This basic kit is from Rexqualis.it has 87 reviews. This kit includes again best components like power supply module, breadboard, adapter and all other basic components.

Here is the list of components :

  1. Power supply module
  2. Bread board
  3. USB Cable
  4. Jumper wire-65
  5. DuPont wire-20
  6. Pin header-
  7. Shift register-1
  8. Buttons-10
  9. Photo resistor
  10. Thermistor
  11. capacitor electrolytic(10UF,100UF)-10 each
  12. Precision potentiometer
  13. Optocoupler-1
  14. Active buzzer-1
  15. Passive buzzer-1
  16. NPN Transistor-10 
  17. Diode rectifier-10
  18. LEDS(white/RED/Blue/Green/yellow)-10 each
  19. RGB LEDS-2pcs
  20. ceramic capacitors(100NF,22pf)-10 each
  21. Resistors(10,100,330,1k,2k,5k,10K,1M)-10pcs each
  22. 220 ohm resistor-30 pcs.
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15)ELEGOO Electronics Fun Kit

Here comes the basic kit from elegoo. We have seen many kits from elegoo. This stands first in the race when it comes to reviews. It has 552 reviews. There  are complaints about working of jumper wires ,adapter and datasheet. But as said earlier support team very responsive and they will resolve your issues.

Here is list of components included :

  1. Power supply module
  2. Bread board
  3. precision potentiometer
  4. Shift register(74HC595)
  5. Octocoupler
  6. Passive buzzer
  7. Active buzzer
  8. Duopont wires-20
  9. Jumper wires-65
  10. Buttons-10
  11. Photo resistor-1
  12. 40 Pin Header-2
  13. PN2222-5
  14. Thermistor-1
  15. Diodes-5
  16. Electrolytic capacitor(10UF,100UF)-5 each
  17. Ceramic capacitor(22pf,104)-10 each
  18. RGB LEDs-1
  19. LEDS(Red/Green/blue/yellow/white)-10 each
  20. Resistors(10,100,220,330,1k,2k,5.1k,10k,100k,1M)-10 each
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From the above list the original kit from arduino is best kit in quality.For best economical kit you can choose any kit from ELegoo. Most of the kits selected in the above are Arduino UNO starter kits as it is easy to work for novice.Only two kits contains Arduino mega board ,which can be chosen by audience who have hands on experience in arduino programming and hardware.

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