8 Best Arduino Boards for 2023

In the world of tech-era Arduino has grown exponentially for its reliability and hassle-free functioning. Whether you want to craft DIY RGB LED Matrix, Robotic Arm, 7-Segment display, or Christmas Tree Lights, you need a solid interface like Arduino Boards. Despite, from novice to expert, hobbyists develop multiple applications using the Arduino boards for its open-source integration, and simple usage.

To your surprise, Arduino boards comprise a micro controller, a complex circuitry with connectors, RAM, sensors, and a USB interface. Adding up, there are hundreds of shields available online to craft wonderful projects with little coding knowledge. If you are a beginner and baffled with a plethora of choices, then here we are offering the Top Arduino Boards that are in huge demand in 2021. Let’s get started.

List Of Top-Rated Arduino Boards For Crafting Projects :

  • Arduino MEGA 2560
  • Arduino Uno SMD
  • Arduino Due
  • Arduino Leonardo with HEADERS
  • ARDUINO Nano
  • Arduino Nano Every
  • Arduino Micro with Headers
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When it comes to crafting projects, Arduino UNO R3 ranks top among its competitors for its robust design nature. It acts as a beginner-friendly tool that encapsulates the basics of Arduino like sensors, actuators, and prototyping requirements.

 It comes with the latest version of Arduino Software (IDE) – 1.0 for designing the projects easily for beginners without committing errors. Moreover, it has got 14 digital I/O pins, 6 analog pins, 16MHz quartz crystal, power source, ICSP header, USB connector, and a reset button to handle projects efficiently depending upon the requirement.

Key Features of Arduino UNO R3 Board :

  • Operating Voltage – 5V photo
  • Flash Memory – 32KB
  • SRAM – 2KB
  • EEPROM – 1KB
  • Clock Speed – 16MHz
  • Digital I/O Pins – 14
  • PWM Pulse Wave Modulator Digital I/O Pins – 6
  • Analog Input Pins – 6
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What are you waiting for? You have got the latest ARDUINO MEGA 2560 board online at reasonable prices. In contrast with other micro controllers, the Arduino Mega-2560 board is relatively inexpensive and comes in handy for accomplishing the projects in time. It has got an effective audio software (IDE) which is responsible for processing the programming environment.

Arduino is an Open source platform where you can easily Embed C++ and AVR-C codes. The main advantage of using the Arduino Mega 2560 board is to build the breadboard version of this module to analyze the underlying concepts like working and saving time.

In a nutshell, the Arduino MEGA 2560 board is designed for projects like robotics and 3D printers which require more memory and excess I/O lines.

Key Features of Arduino MEGA 2560  :

  • EEPROM – 4KB
  • SRAM – 8KB
  • UART – 4
  • Flash Memory – 256KB
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Are you looking for the best Arduino boards at an affordable price? Then ARDUINO UNO SMD is the perfect choice for you. It is designed with the finest quality materials to last longer (even under harsh climatic conditions).

This Arduino UNO SMD is developed using an ATmega328 microcontroller which contains all the essential components to handle DIY projects. Compared to other Arduino boards, Arduino Uno SMD R3 does not include an FTDI USB-to-serial driver chip and comes with a surface mount version of the ATmega328P micro controller.

Key Features of Arduino UNO SMD Board :

  • Processor speed – 16MHz
  • USB Type B User Interface
  • Input/Output Voltage – 5V
  • SPI and UART Interface Medium
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Another decent quality micro controller is the ARDUINO DUE board which is specially designed for most exciting projects that require extra pins and memory. Hence, we have listed it as one of the best Arduino boards that are trending in 2020.

 If you have a glance at the Arduino Due board, you will surely notice 54 I/O pins, 12 analog inputs and 4 UARTS, 2 DAC, and 2 TWC connector ports. Along with these, you will get a guide or manual, which helps to design projects with a systematic approach.

Overall, the Arduino Due is based on a 32-bit ARM core micro controller and makes it easy for electronic students to understand the concepts associated with the Arduino micro controller.

Key Features of Arduino Due Board :

  • CPU Speed – 84MHz
  • SRAM – 96KB
  • Flash Memory – 512KB
  • 2Micro USB
  • UART – 4
  • Analog I/O Pins- 12/2
  • Digital I/O Pins PWM – 54/12
  • Input Voltage – 7-12v
  • Operating Voltage – 3.3V
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5) Arduino Leonardo With Headers

Next one in the list of Arduino families is Arduino Leonardo With Headers. We provided this board on the top because the micro controller board is based on ATmega32u4 that features built-in USB for effective communication.

Compared to Due, Arduino Leonardo comprises 1KB EEPROM memory which means the data stored is non-volatile. Further, it is possible to read, write, and erase the data at high-voltage depending on the requirement.

We are pretty much impressed with its unique design to make prestigious projects of the same niche that require extra space to store the information shared between peripheral devices.

Winding up, Arduino Leonardo with headers can be a great gift for kids who are fascinated about programming and love to craft projects on their own. further, it’s simple and easy functioning made it to stand-out in the competition.

Key Features of Arduino Leonardo With Headers :

  • SRAM – 2.5KB
  • Processor Speed – 16MHz
  • Digital I/O Pins PWM – 12/7
  • Flash Memory – 32KB
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Arduino Nano is accomplished by an ATmega328 processor operating at 16MHz frequency and includes 14/6 digital I/O pins, and flash memory available as 16KB and 32KB.

Unlike UNO, Nano cannot be connected to Arduino shields but has pin headers to incorporate on breadboard/PCB via sockets. One of the reasons for people choosing Arduino nano is the cost-effective nature and can be carried out for different locations easily.

Undoubtedly, ARDUINO Nano is the smallest in the Arduino board list. Its has a unique design and can easily connect with peripherals without causing trouble. Also, now-a-days most of the people are preferring nano boards to minimize the circuit complexity.

Key Features of Arduino Nano :

  • EEPROM – 0.512-1KB
  • SRAM – 96KB
  • Analog I/O Pins – 8/0
  • Digital I/O PWM – 54/12
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7) Arduino Nano Every

Aren’t you crazy enough to design real-time projects on your own? One of the best possible ways is to grab Arduino Nano Every Board that comes at inexpensive prices, making it suitable for every project.

This decent quality Arduino nano every  has an ATMega 4809 processor that accounts for its smooth and effective functioning. Further, it has an effective power supply architecture which is based on a DC-DC converter to drive output peripherals with power up to 950mA without any overheating issues.

With a full cosplay setup, it can be used effectively in all sorts of experiments and prototypes. As compared to other boards, it features a quality USB chip that offers fuss-free connection to drives and devices.

Key Features of Arduino Nano Every Board :

  • Flash Memory – 48KB
  • SRAM – 6KB
  • EEPROM – 256Bytes
  • Clock Speed – 20MHz
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8) Arduino Micro with Headers

Finally, we end up with the Arduino Micro Board with headers. This microcontroller is based on Atmega32U4 introduced in conjunction with Adafruit. Like others, it has 20 digital I/O pins, ICSP header, micro USB connector, 16MHz crystal oscillator and a reset button.

In contrast with other models, Arduino Micro with Headers has a high power bootloader and can be embedded with an interface system to promote and secure the functioning of the devices connected to it.

You just have to simply connect to the computer via USB cable to get started, and the form factor makes it easy to place on a breadboard. It has got an external power supply where you can set the power automatically according to the project requirement.

Key Features of Arduino Micro with Headers :

  • EEPROM – 1KB
  • Flash Memory – 32KB
  • SRAM – 2.5KB
  • Digital I/O PWM – 20/7
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Final Verdict – Which Arduino Board Is The Best?

Wrapping up, of all the above-mentioned Arduino boards, ARDUINO UNO R3 ranks top among its competitors for the sturdy design, easy-to-use interface, and makes it easy for the newbies to craft desired projects without any hassle. The best part is it consists of 14 digital I/O pins, six analog pins, power source, and USB connector to support numerous projects efficiently depending upon the requirement.

Adding up, while purchasing Arduino boards online, make sure to read the instructions carefully so that you won’t end up wasting the money. Further, if you have any queries, let us know in the comment sections given below. Our dedicated team of experts will be right away to clarify them. Cheers….!

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