Do you wish to craft innovative projects? Well, Arduino has come with a plethora of options, making it accessible for everyone with a blink of an eye. You can even introduce wonderful Arduino and Elegoo boards to children to make them learn new concepts. Before crafting a project, it’s essential to know the basic difference between Arduino, Elegoo boards, and its applications. 

Ever since Arduino’s inception, the company has focused on manufacturing microcontroller boards with the help of the best in the industry engineers. The company’s motto is to manufacture tiny tools that can act in harmony with the physical world. Therefore, Arduino is all about a company manufacturing tiny tools capable of working in sync with the physical world. On this that needs to be remembered here is that the tool is free to be used by any other company.  

When Arduino explored a whole new world of business possibilities, the Arduino niche got shared with another name Elegoo. Elegoo is yet another manufacturing company that remains engaged in the design, development, and marketing of the kits. Scroll down to know about the difference between Arduino and elegoo starter kits

Difference Between Arduino and Elegoo:

If the two are ultimately the same, the question becomes why the market always buzzes about the difference between Elegoo and Arduino. The easy answer to this is that even though Elegoo uses the same IDE as Arduino, the difference lies in terms of the tools, platforms configuration, prices, and a few more aspects. Hence, no matter the similarities, the debate surrounding Elegoo vs. Arduino originals would continue to exist in the market. If you feel lost solving the puzzle of Elegoo or Arduino, here are some ideas regarding the differences between the two that can be of much help to you. 

Arduino Vs. Elegoo – Comparison Based On Features :

When it comes to Elegoo mega vs. Arduino mega, a thorough comparison becomes a must. Here are some of the points that make all the difference in choosing one of these.

Arduino Starter kit Vs. Elegoo Starter Kit :

If you think of which variety of starter kit would be a smarter choice for you, Arduino, or Elegoo starter kit, the choice would depend on your requirements and budget. There is no denying that it comes with the most wonderful set of hardware that can be made to perform several tasks when instructed adequately by fitting software. However, the starter kits are way more expensive than the Elegoo ones. However, when it comes to utility, both the varieties serve almost the same. Hence, make sure to choose, keeping the budget line in mind. 

Arduino UNO Vs Elegoo UNO :

As far as performance, speed, and adaptability to any electronic project are concerned, both Arduino UNO and Elegoo UNO are equally satisfactory. From the point of view of the costs, both the varieties seem economical and a great buy. Powered with an ATmega328P chip, UNO works superfast and adapts to any technical environment easily. Elegoo UNO is also a budget-friendly option that comes with a starter kit of 200 components that makes it one of the best choices. You can also consider the analysis regarding Arduino mega vs. Elegoo mega, which is another variety of popular choices. 

Company Basics :

When it comes to the company basics, both have their fair share of fame in the market. However, to be specific, Arduino is a hardware-software manufacturer of Arduino boards that find a separate niche of customers and followers in the market. On the other hand, be it a comparison of Elegoo nano vs. Arduino nano, Elegoo always depends on its boards. Since Arduino is an open-source company, no royalties apply for the boards. Hence, Elegoo and plenty of other companies use the boards easily and without any legal hassle. 

Tools :

While the Arduino tools come integrated with the boards and the same can be used to build any computer responsive to the physical world even by the people with the least technical experience in this field, the Elegoo is a thriving company within the Arduino niche that designs, build and markets with the help of the Arduino IDE. Thus, the concerns centered on starter kit can be best answered as Arduino is the source while Elegoo remains its market reach.

Reliability :

Besides price, the difference between the both emerges out of another critical parameter-reliability. Since Arduino comes with an in-built IDE, reliability can never be an issue if the same is getting used for any technical project. On the flip side, since the Elegoo needs the IDE to be separately integrated, reliability can be a concern at times.

ToolsIt does not come with an in-built IDE
It comes with an in-built IDE
Company BasicsElegoo is one of the companies that build Arduino hardwareArduino is the proprietor of the software and hardware Arduino boards
Starter KitIt is one of the best choices from the cost aspectIt may be expensive for those trying to develop several projects utilizing one workbench
Project SupportThe reliability of using Elegoo is lower
Highly reliable
ApplicationsAlarm System, Digital Thermometer, Wi-Fi Robot Car
PIR Sensor, 8*8 LED Matrix, 7-Segment Display
Arduino can be a little expensive

Conclusion :

Be it Arduino UNO vs. Elegoo UNO, we have already discussed a fair deal about both. However, the final choice would depend on the user and his budget. If the user is opting for one of these for personal use or hobby, the pocket-friendly choice, Elegoo would be a smart one. However, if reliability is on your mind, and you are due with a confidential project, make sure to settle for the Arduino one. So far as the performance, quality, and other parameters are concerned, there lies next to no difference between the two. Which one do you prefer the most? What are your thoughts on Arduino boards and Elegoo boards? Further, if you have any queries, write to us in the comment section given below.

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