12 Best Arduino WiFi Shields

The Arduino Wi-Fi shield permits the Arduino board to be online by using the Wi-Fi library. What’s more, it is also capable of writing an SD card using the SD library. The benefits of shields over other separate modules are that shields are specially designed for Arduino. That’s why they are easier to connect and less prone to errors. The shields are great for those who don’t have any experience working with electronics. The convenience of attaching the shield to the Arduino exudes practicality to first-time users.

In simple terms, Arduino shields are boards that would expand the functionalities as they don’t require any thorough installation; you just have to ensure that they connect over the board. Note that there are various types of shields to execute countless tasks. For instance, the Ethernet Shield allows users to connect online. On the other hand, the Wave Shield simplifies numerous issues related to the low audio quality.

What makes Arduino Wi-Fi shield projects more appealing is that they come equipped with example libraries. In other words, you would be in a better position to know how to use them. So before delving into the Wi-Fi Shields review, let’s comprehend the Arduino Wi-Fi shield application.

HiLetgo 3pcs ESP8266 NodeMCU Internet Wi-Fi Development Board Check Price
MakerFocus 4pcs ESP8266 ESP-01 Serial Wireless Transceiver Check Price
Arduino UNO Wi-Fi REV2 Check Price
KeeYees Development Board WiFi WLAN Wireless Module Check Price
DIYmall ESP8266 ESP-01S Wi-Fi Serial Transceiver Check Price
Arduino MKR Wi-Fi 1010 Check Price
SparkFun Wi-Fi Shield Check Price
MELIFE 2 Pack ESP32 ESP-32S Development Board Check Price
Makerfire Wireless RF Transceiver Module Check Price
MakerFocus ESP8266 OLED WiFi Development Board Check Price
Organizer ESP8266 ESP-12 ESP-12F NodeMcu Mini D1 Module Check Price
HiLetgo ESP32 OLED WiFi Kit OLED Wi-Fi Kit Check Price

How do Arduino Wi-Fi Shields work?

With these shields, it is easy to work with the microcontrollers. If you want to break free from the starter box and dive into the vast world of electronics, then these shields are ideal. Being tiny circuit boards, they are connected to Arduino’s top, which boosts up the features and functionality.

For instance, if you want to measure your plants’ humidity and report that data to your phone, these shields would let you do that. One of the highlighting aspects of these shields is that they are stackable. On the other hand, always buy an Arduino Shield that comes with proper documentation. Now that you know how these shields can power your projects. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. HiLetgo 3pcs ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12E Internet Wi-Fi Development Board

No doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) is trending in the realm of technology. This Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller shield comes with an adjustable frequency. With 128 KB internal RAM and 4 MB external flash, this shield can help you gain complete control over your projects.

Also, the 128 KB internal RAM and 4 MB external flash help you cope with the large data strings that make up web pages. The ESP8266 can integrate seamlessly with the 802.11b/g/n HT40 Wi-Fi transceiver to provide you good connectivity options. It can also set up a network of its own, which would permit other devices to connect directly to it. It is worth mentioning here that the ESP8266 has seventeen GPIO pins. These pins can be assigned to varieties of peripheral duties.

For instance, if you want to add sound to your project, you can utilize the I2S interface pins. You can also use the SPI interface to connect varieties of sensors and accessories. You can also easily connect the ESP8266 with the Arduino Wi-Fi shield app with the pin multiplexing feature’s help.

The ESP8266 also comes equipped with the Bridge Controller through which your computer can program and communicate with the chip. The NodeMCU has a 10-bit highly accurate SAR ADC. All these capabilities enable the ESP8266 to provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

Key Features :

  1. Variety of development platforms to program the ESP8266
  2. Comes with an effective Arduino add-on
  3. ESP8266 board has an LED indicator
  4. Comes equipped with the revolutionary pin multiplexing feature
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2. MakerFocus 4pcs ESP8266 ESP-01 Serial Wireless Transceiver Receiver Module

The MakerFocus receiver has an impressive Arduino Wi-Fi shield baud rate of 115200 bps. With an input power of 3.3V, this is one of the most versatile shields you can ever get for your projects. The flash memory size of 1MB is sufficient to accommodate data surges during peak times. On the other hand, this shield also supports a vast number of Wi-Fi security modes. From WPA to WPA2, this shield should be your top priority to augment network security. Being a highly integrated chip, it has been designed to cater to the requirements of this connected world.

As it is compatible with Arduino, you can seamlessly implement it in various projects. The MakerFocus receiver comes equipped with four timing modes of the SPI format transfer. Another highlighting aspect of this microcontroller is that it comes with a secure digital input and output interface. With four channels of pulse width modulation, you can use it to drive LEDs and digital motors. It also supports fluid control, which renders it an extra edge when compared to other shields out there. If you have a regulated 5V voltage source, the VIN PIN of the MakerFocus receiver can directly supply power to the connected peripherals.

Key Features :

  1. Comes equipped with four power pins
  2. The frequency range of Pulse Width Modulation is adjustable
  3. Good communication speed is an added advantage
  4. The MakerFocus receiver has flow control support
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3. Arduino UNO Wi-Fi REV2

The Arduino Wi-Fi REV2 comes equipped with the phenomenal ATMEGA 4809 8-bit microprocessor, which offers sound enhancements. It also has a secure ECC608 crypto chip accelerator, which provides you with a lot of encryption options, thereby keeping data safe. It is also known as the best Arduino Wi-Fi shield for beginners. It is powered by an AC adapter with an operational voltage of 5V. The 14 digital input and output pins can be put into maximum usage. By adding the Wi-Fi shield board to a device, you would be able to connect it to a Wi-Fi network using the secure crypto chip.

On the other hand, the onboard Inertial Measurement Unit or IMU can help in facilitating high data transfer speeds. This Wi-Fi module itself is a self-contained SoC with an integrated protocol of TCP/IP. Thus, it can provide users with access to Wi-Fi networks or act as an access point.

The Arduino Wi-Fi REV2 has 14 pins, out of which five can be used as PWM outputs and six as analog inputs. It contains everything required to support the microcontroller. What’s more appealing is the fact that you don’t have to be an expert in electronics to use it. Moreover, it comes with a handy user manual that can be used to facilitate the Arduino Wi-Fi shield connection. The ICSP header, along with the power jack, makes it easy for novice users to connect it to the Arduino Board.

Key Features :

  1. It has a clock speed of 16 MHz
  2. Comes with a large number of analog input pins
  3. The EEPROM has a total size of 256 Bytes
  4. Needs an input voltage in the range of 7V to 12 V
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4.KeeYees Development Board WiFi WLAN Wireless Module

The KeeYees Development Board is one of the few Wi-Fi boards that can provide wireless connectivity at 150 MBPS. To be frank, the controllers are fairly easy to program with the USB interface. To establish the Arduino Wi-Fi shield connection, you need to integrate the GPIO and the PWM.

This development board also eliminates the need to press the flash and reset buttons. What’s more, the KeeYees Development Board comes equipped with the NodeMCU firmware. So with this firmware, you can steadily make your development. Another highlighting aspect of the KeeYees Development Board is that it uses smart link networking. To make the Arduino Wi-Fi shield connect to the server, using it would be simple. It also has the revolutionary LUA technology, which would ensure that you have all the resources.

Key Features :

  1. You can use Node.js for programming the board
  2. Comes with I/O pins for easy connection
  3. Integrated GPIO pins
  4. Facilitates high network speeds
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5. DIYmall ESP8266 ESP-01S Wi-Fi Serial Transceiver

If you want a board that has an improved Wi-Fi radio performance, then this item should be your top choice. The Arduino Wi-Fi shield communicating with android can be tracked easily through this board. Also, it comes equipped with 1 MB of flash memory, which gives you the freedom to deploy it for various tasks.

No doubt, it is an upgraded version with a substantial amount of flash memory. Another key advantage of the Arduino Wi-Fi shield gateway is that you get a stronger signal with the SDIO 2.0. It also comes equipped with the UART 32 pin and P2P Wi-Fi direct capabilities. In other words, you would have a lot of options at your disposal when you use this board.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with guard interval integrated RF switch
  2. Comprises linear regulators
  3. Improved RAM
  4. TCP/IP protocol stack integration
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6. Arduino MKR Wi-Fi 1010

If you are looking for Arduino Wi-Fi shield home automation, then this item should be your top choice. The MKR 1010 eases the prototyping of other types of applications based on Wi-Fi and IoT. This is the reason that you can easily use this board for home automation tasks.

Moreover, as it ships with a handy manual, you don’t have to be a network expert to install it. It has a hybrid Wi-Fi/BLE connectivity module that consumes low power. You can also easily build wireless sensor networks with the help of this board. Another great feature of this board is that it can connect with any existing Wi-Fi network. The Arduino Wi-Fi shield, how to connect instructions as mentioned in the manual, would help to set up this device.

Key Features :

  1. Powered with the USB cable
  2. Also comes equipped with a Li-Po battery of 3.7 volts
  3. Build wireless networks with ease
  4. Has a built-in power saver mode
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7. SparkFun Wi-Fi Shield

SparkFun Wi-Fi shield is equipped with an Arduino Wi-Fi shield module with P2P protocols. In other words, you can use this board straight to use for accessing Wi-Fi direct networks. What’s more, this board gives you the liberty to integrate it with a low power CPU. What we have seen so far is that boards demand a CPU that can supply a constant stream of power to them. But with the SparkFun Wi-Fi shield, you can use a low power 32-bit CPU. Apart from using it for home automation, you can use this shield in an application processor too. This Arduino Wi-Fi shield Nano comes integrated with the TCP/IP protocol stack that exudes practicality.

Key Features :

  1. Comes pre-flashed with the AT-command firmware
  2. Automate your home appliances
  3. You have to solder it to the board or PCB
  4. It can be reprogrammed
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8. MELIFE 2 Pack ESP32 ESP-32S Development Board

This item is an ideal board for the Arduino Wi-Fi shield for uno r3. To be precise, this product has two boards and supports 2.4 GHz Dual-Mode Wi-Fi. Another highlighting reason for this development board is that it has ultra-low power consumption. So if you are developing a project where you don’t have much scope to allocate high power, this board is an ideal choice. It supports the LWIP protocol along with Free RTOS. What’s more, it can also support three modes too in the form of AP+STA, STA, and AP. It provides you with scalable solutions for your developmental projects.

Key Features :

  1. Consumes low power
  2. Supports LWIP protocol
  3. You can use Node32s as Board Selection
  4. Ideal to use for 2.4 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi
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9. Makerfire Wireless RF Transceiver Module

The Makerfire Transceiver module comes with ten pieces of Arduino 2.4 GHz boards. As you know, all these boards are compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi. You can easily connect the Arduino Wi-Fi shield browser to make sure that the board is programmed in the proper manner. Another highlighting aspect of this product is that it comes with 90 days of warranty. It has a fully programmed frequency synthesizer and a power amplifier. It is one of those transceiver modules that are ideal for industrial applications. The built-in power down and standby modes ensure you with great power-saving capabilities. It also has 125 communication channels, which exude practicality to industrial developers.

Key Features :

  1. Detects CRC errors
  2. Frequency Hopping feature
  3. Low power consumption
  4. Built-in high-frequency antenna
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10. MakerFocus ESP8266 OLED WiFi Development Board

As the product comes unassembled, you have to solder it to set it up. Note that the soldering of the header portion is needed for its effective functioning. Users may find it a bit odd that the battery has not been included with the package. This OLED development board comes with an OLED display. Note that the display color is white when connected to the Wi-Fi. It is one of those development boards which support NodeMCU programming. You can also use it for Arduino programming. With 12 digital pins, this OLED development board can be configured to read and write. It also comes equipped with a single AD input.

Key Features :

  1. Efficient microprocessor
  2. Compatible with a development board
  3. Micro USB interface with voltage regulator
  4. Automated battery power switching
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11. Organizer ESP8266 ESP-12 ESP-12F NodeMcu Mini D1 Module

This is a mini NodeMCU Wi-Fi board based on the 8266EX board specifications. It is one of those modules that come with 11 digital input and output pins. What’s more, you also get a single analog input with this module. On the other hand, the 500mA resettable fuse provides you with versatile options during power shortages. The micro USB connection allows you to program the module with either Arduino or Node.js. The 1 MB flash memory takes care of the increasing rate of data transfers during peak times.

Key Features :

  1. Onboard 5V- 1A switching power supply
  2. You need to install Python in Windows for smooth operation
  3. 3.2 volts is the maximum input
  4. Supports PWM
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12.  HiLetgo ESP32 OLED WiFi Kit OLED Wi-Fi Kit

With this kit, you can stack various categories of shields together to have one entire system to get real-time insights. Most of these shields are relatively inexpensive, which is just great. But there are some aspects you need to keep in mind while opting for an Arduino shield Wi-Fi antenna.

To connect these shields, you may need to solder them. If you are not comfortable with soldering, it is better to opt for the pre-assembled ones. It is also important that the hardware and software should match so that you can run systems efficiently. It can be effectively programmed via NodeMCU

Key Features :

  1. 32 MB onboard flash memory allows to deploy in wide settings
  2. Comes with a 0.96-inch OLED display
  3. Lithium battery charging support
  4. Supports greater amount of data rates
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Conclusion :

On the whole, the HiLetgo  Arduino Wi-Fi shield led control is one of the best tools for developers. You can execute a wide variety of developmental and test projects within the Arduino environment. All these modules and boards, as mentioned above, can be configured with Node.js and Arduino. For fast development and program verification, these modules and boards are your best bet. What is your opinion on Arduino Wi-Fi Shields? Write to us in the comment section given below.

12 Best Arduino Books Reviewed in 2020

Have you ever heard of Arduino Books? If you are the one who dreams of creating projects employing unique ideas, Arduino Books will surely be the best choice. Like many things, Arduino is accessible to virtually everyone in today’s time. All you need is a substantial interest in technology and hardware development methodologies to build hardware seamlessly. Further, it enhances your knowledge and enriches your project designing skills, Arduino Books for Beginners can come to your major rescue. Apart from any newbie, pros also gain quality knowledge from these books. There’s no better way to dive than acquiring the right resources, enabling you to hone your skills.

Astounding Arduino projects can make one learn the accurate method to program microcontrollers in a quick time. To make an informed choice and attain your goals, we conducted thorough research, reviewed, and compiled a list that covers every skill level and contains something valuable for everyone. Without further ado, let’s check out in detail!

What is Arduino?

One of the popular open-source electronic platforms primarily based on easily usable hardware and software is Arduino. The boards can read input and turn the same into an output extremely fast. The inputs could be – finger on a key/button, lights on a sensor, or a message on social media, etc. The outputs could be motor activation, switching on an LED, online publishing something. It is easier to make your board perform what exactly you want it to do by giving instructions to the microcontroller. To carry out the task seamlessly, you need to use the Arduino programming language.

From highly complicated scientific equipment/devices to objects we see or use in everyday life, Arduino has remained instrumental in developing hundreds and thousands of creative projects for years. A global community of creators, including hobbyists, professional programmers, and students, has been showing immense interest in this productive open-source electronic platform.

Primarily owing to the community’s worthwhile contributions, both newbies and experts can access a prodigious amount of knowledge. To help students from different backgrounds acquire an in-depth understanding of electronics and programming, Ivrea Interaction Design Institute devised Arduino as an easy-to-use tool for super-fast prototyping.

With the overwhelming growth and expansion of the community, the Arduino board started evolving. It was initially 8-bit boards, evolved as products for IoT applications, 3D printing, and embedded environments. All boards are open-source and empower users to develop them independently and ultimately adapt to their specific requirements. With the global user’s contributions, the open-source software is rapidly growing and coming to the significant rescue of novices and pros.

Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition Check Price
Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches Check Price
Exploring Arduino Check Price
Getting Started With Arduino: Check Price
Arduino Cookbook (2nd Edition) Check Price
Arduino Workshop: A Hands-On Introduction With 65 Projects Check Price
Arduino For Dummies Check Price
Arduino Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself Check Price
Arduino Project Handbook: 25 Projects To Get you Started Check Price
Beginning C For Arduino (Second Edition) Check Price
Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further with Sketches Check Price
Arduino Programming: The Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners Check Price

Your search ends here for sure if you have been looking for a full-updated and no-nonsense guide to electronics. Trust us; you won’t get a more comprehensive guidebook that can help you foster your knowledge of electronics and acquire requisite skills to develop and construct your own functioning devices. It is considered one of the best books on Arduino programming. A couple of ardent programming hobbyists and experienced engineers have written this specific guidebook. It covers the fundamentals and provides instructions step-by-step, illustrations, and schematics.

What is Included?

  1. Capacitors, inductors, resistors, and transformers
  2. Transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits
  3. Sensors, GPS modules, touch screens, etc.
  4. rototyping platforms and microcontrollers
  5. Logic gates, digital electronics, and LCDs
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To learn and develop your programming skills effectively, you can resort to this guide book. Lately, a considerable number of beginners have purchased the paperback version of this guide and downloaded the Kindle version. It helps you learn the easy way to program all Arduino models. This book consists of easy-to-follow explanations, interesting examples, and downloadable sample programs. Keeping your faith in this guidebook will help you learn the process of writing primary sketches, use the modified C-language of Arduino, interface with the web, store, and data storage. You need not have any prior programming experience as this book can help you gain a comprehensive knowledge of C++, programming Arduino for the IoT, and library writing.

What is Included?

  1. Arduino hardware fundamentals
  2. Software set up, power up, and sketches uploading procedures.
  3. C language basics, process of incorporating arrays, functions, and strings
  4. Programming of both analog and digital inputs and outputs
  5. Usage of functions from the standard Library
  6. Interface with LCDs and OLEDs
  7. Arduino configuration as a web server
  8. Program development for the Internet of Things
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No need to rely on any other books about Arduino anymore if you purchase this specific guidebook. It helps one acquire an in-depth understanding of the easy procedure of developing gizmos, gadgets, robots, and several other programmable devices using Arduino. Jeremy Blum, an Arduino expert, has written Exploring Arduino, keeping engineers and beginners in mind who dream of pursuing careers as programmers. It uses the renowned microcontroller platform to guide interested readers about specific topics in programming, electrical engineering, and human-computer communication.

This unique microcontroller book consists of ideally-paced programming lessons that make keen hobbyists and engineers aware of worthwhile, creative, and educational exercises, which eventually become more advanced. This book features programming and design best practices, which you can apply while creating your projects

What is Included? 

  1. Distinct capabilities of Arduino while interfacing with hardware that’s external.
  2. Consists of Arduino aspects accompanied by different multimedia content.
  3. Includes several programming and electrical engineering concepts.
  4. Gives comprehensive guidance on combining simple into complicated projects.
  5. Comprises source code and easy to download materials.
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The majority of engineers and enthusiastic hobbyists reckon this a useful Arduino electronics book available on the market. If anything that has revolutionized the Maker Movement, it is Arduino, a popular open-source electronics prototyping platform. This guidebook can come to the significant rescue of every individual who wishes to learn and begin prototyping at once. You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of prototyping if you rely on this specific book as it contains complete information about prototyping. While creating your project, you will know precisely which components you need to use and how to give final touches to every distinct project if you get your hands on this book.

What is Included?

  1. Physical computing and interaction design
  2. Arduino board and software ecosystem
  3. Fundamentals of electricity and electronics
  4. Schematic diagram drawing
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How about creating unique and interesting devices that can conduct seamless interaction with the physical world? It is one of the Arduino books best for almost anyone who has an aspiration to experiment with the well-known Arduino microcontroller and programming ecosystem. This guidebook consists of over 200 valuable tips and methods for developing a range of objects and prototypes, including robots, detectors, toys, and highly interactive clothing. All these prototypes can respond to sound, light, touch, heat, and position. This book features examples and guides engineers, designers, artists, and hobbyists to start, expand, and improve their projects at once.

What is Included?

  1.  Arduino board and most vital software concepts
  2. Analog and digital signals basic reading techniques
  3. Interaction process with remote controls
  4. Memory handling and advanced coding techniques
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The hobbyists can use electronics in their homemade projects with the utmost ease owing to Arduino’s presence. It is a flexible and affordable open-source microcontroller platform. Get your hands on this book. It is considered one of the highly useful learning books that help every hobbyist learn a myriad of ways to create innovative devices that easily interact with the physical world.

What is Included?

  1.  GPS logger
  2. Digital thermometer
  3. Handy tester
  4. Keypad-regulated lock

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of add-ons and the procedure to add them to your projects. This book will help you learn an expert artisan’s tricks and principles that it adheres to while designing. Resorting to this worthy guidebook will help you learn the right way to utilize Arduino’s capabilities for your Do-it-yourself projects.

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Suppose you want to feed your curiosity about Arduino, hardware centered around an open-source and programmable circuit board. A combination of this specific programmable chip is carried out with various actuators and sensors to interact with the physical world seamlessly. Artists, hobbyists, designers, and engineers create highly interactive product prototypes, robots, and electronic artworks using this highly flexible hardware and software combination.

What is Included?

  1. Latest software and hardware available on the market
  2. Modern examples and several circuit board diagrams
  3. Consists of examples that inform beginners of basics and proceed to advanced topics
  4. Facilitates you to gain an understanding of Arduino board
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Want to create Do-It-Yourself hardware projects all by yourself without any previous practical experience? Get your hands on this marvelous book to learn C programming and begin creating your project. This is one of the best Arduino books because it is instrumental in teaching you the step-by-step process of creating a programming ecosystem, enabling you to become a master at C syntax and interfacing Arduino for executing solid prototyping.

What is Included?

  1. Arduino hardware and accessories accurate for projects
  2. Program creation, compiled method, upload, and operating processes
  3. Output sending and input reading techniques from analog and digital devices
  4. Software and hardware interrupts creation and handling
  5. Method to write C programs that regulate monitors
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There are very few guidebooks that can come to the rescue of beginners who wish to learn to program and create their DIY projects; this Project Handbook is one among them. It features several electronic projects that use the budget friendly Arduino board. This book helps you learn the process of creating and programming simple projects to complex ones effectively. All you need to use are a computer and an Arduino board.

What is Included?

  1. Introduction to the Arduino
  2. Consists of top-notch lessons on different tools and components
  3. Eye-catching project examples that are explained in a step-by-step manner
  4. Includes colorful illustrations and circuit diagrams
  5. Different necessary types of codes
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This is just the ideal guidebook for those who wish to learn and experiment with microcontrollers or programming. It helps beginners, designers, and hobbyists understand the C programming language and the process of strengthening each programming structure. Jack Purdum has written this Arduino beginner book in an engaging and communicative style to help interested individuals acquire good knowledge about useful programming techniques.

What is Included?

  1. C Programming language
  2. The process to use C to regulate microcontroller and relevant hardware
  3. C libraries with object-oriented programming
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Looking forward to taking your Arduino programming skills to the next level? Purchase it as it is considered one of the best Arduino learning books at present. This book is thoroughly revised and consists of hands-on information to empower both hobbyists and programmers alike. There isn’t any better book available on the market that could help one learn professional programming tricks and tips. To be honest, more than beginners who lack technical knowledge and experience, this guidebook is ideal for programmers and enthusiastic individuals who have a fair knowledge of coding and programming fundamentals.

It is an up-to-date version of this guidebook. It covers the IoT and consists of chapters on interfacing Arduino with different microcontrollers for a particular coding or programming project. You will gain a clear understanding of each robust technique as this book comprises a lot of illustrated examples and remarkably easy to download code examples.

Buy Now

If you are in search of an Arduino beginner book that can help you learn programming in the simplest way possible, you should get yourself the Arduino Programming book. It can come to every beginner’s help if they are interested in learning how to work on complex applications and programs. Individuals who want to learn and work with coding and programming can make their dream come true by acquiring a profound understanding of Arduino technology.

Getting your hands on this guidebook will certainly help you develop your knowledge of this productive technology and the process of using it effectively for creating your different creative projects. Beginners without any technical experience can grasp coding and programming fundamentals if they resort to an Arduino book. Checking the guidebook thoroughly will facilitate you to explore and acquire a deep understanding of the Arduino technology. Following are some of the topics that this guidebook covers: What is Arduino technology? How can beginners obtain comprehensive knowledge of it quickly to create a wide range of creative projects?

What is Included?

  1. Prime advantages of using Arduino technology
  2. Types of boards and which one you should use based on programming requirements
  3. Knowledge of typical coding and programming terms
  4. Procedure to hook up the Arduino board to your PC
Buy Now

Conclusion :

Wrapping up, If you want to know our recommendation, it will be better to pick Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition. This book will help beginners obtain in-depth information about programming, write a program with clear sketches and data modification for different handmade projects. Purchase this book or any of the books mentioned above to quickly enhance your knowledge, enrich your knowledge, and create remarkable DIY projects. What are your thoughts on Arduino books? Does it assist you in crafting wonderful projects? Let us know in the comments.

Elegoo Vs Arduino

Do you wish to craft innovative projects? Well, Arduino has come with a plethora of options, making it accessible for everyone with a blink of an eye. You can even introduce wonderful Arduino and Elegoo boards to children to make them learn new concepts. Before crafting a project, it's essential to know the basic difference between Arduino, Elegoo boards, and its applications. 

Ever since Arduino's inception, the company has focused on manufacturing microcontroller boards with the help of the best in the industry engineers. The company's motto is to manufacture tiny tools that can act in harmony with the physical world. Therefore, Arduino is all about a company manufacturing tiny tools capable of working in sync with the physical world. On this that needs to be remembered here is that the tool is free to be used by any other company.  

When Arduino explored a whole new world of business possibilities, the Arduino niche got shared with another name Elegoo. Elegoo is yet another manufacturing company that remains engaged in the design, development, and marketing of the kits. Scroll down to know about the difference between Arduino and elegoo starter kits

Difference Between Arduino and Elegoo:

If the two are ultimately the same, the question becomes why the market always buzzes about the difference between Elegoo and Arduino. The easy answer to this is that even though Elegoo uses the same IDE as Arduino, the difference lies in terms of the tools, platforms configuration, prices, and a few more aspects. Hence, no matter the similarities, the debate surrounding Elegoo vs. Arduino originals would continue to exist in the market. If you feel lost solving the puzzle of Elegoo or Arduino, here are some ideas regarding the differences between the two that can be of much help to you. 

Arduino Vs. Elegoo - Comparison Based On Features :

When it comes to Elegoo mega vs. Arduino mega, a thorough comparison becomes a must. Here are some of the points that make all the difference in choosing one of these.

Arduino Starter kit Vs. Elegoo Starter Kit :

If you think of which variety of starter kit would be a smarter choice for you, Arduino, or Elegoo starter kit, the choice would depend on your requirements and budget. There is no denying that it comes with the most wonderful set of hardware that can be made to perform several tasks when instructed adequately by fitting software. However, the starter kits are way more expensive than the Elegoo ones. However, when it comes to utility, both the varieties serve almost the same. Hence, make sure to choose, keeping the budget line in mind. 

Arduino UNO Vs Elegoo UNO :

As far as performance, speed, and adaptability to any electronic project are concerned, both Arduino UNO and Elegoo UNO are equally satisfactory. From the point of view of the costs, both the varieties seem economical and a great buy. Powered with an ATmega328P chip, UNO works superfast and adapts to any technical environment easily. Elegoo UNO is also a budget-friendly option that comes with a starter kit of 200 components that makes it one of the best choices. You can also consider the analysis regarding Arduino mega vs. Elegoo mega, which is another variety of popular choices. 

Company Basics :

When it comes to the company basics, both have their fair share of fame in the market. However, to be specific, Arduino is a hardware-software manufacturer of Arduino boards that find a separate niche of customers and followers in the market. On the other hand, be it a comparison of Elegoo nano vs. Arduino nano, Elegoo always depends on its boards. Since Arduino is an open-source company, no royalties apply for the boards. Hence, Elegoo and plenty of other companies use the boards easily and without any legal hassle. 

Tools :

While the Arduino tools come integrated with the boards and the same can be used to build any computer responsive to the physical world even by the people with the least technical experience in this field, the Elegoo is a thriving company within the Arduino niche that designs, build and markets with the help of the Arduino IDE. Thus, the concerns centered on starter kit can be best answered as Arduino is the source while Elegoo remains its market reach.

Reliability :

Besides price, the difference between the both emerges out of another critical parameter-reliability. Since Arduino comes with an in-built IDE, reliability can never be an issue if the same is getting used for any technical project. On the flip side, since the Elegoo needs the IDE to be separately integrated, reliability can be a concern at times.

Conclusion :

Be it Arduino UNO vs. Elegoo UNO, we have already discussed a fair deal about both. However, the final choice would depend on the user and his budget. If the user is opting for one of these for personal use or hobby, the pocket-friendly choice, Elegoo would be a smart one. However, if reliability is on your mind, and you are due with a confidential project, make sure to settle for the Arduino one. So far as the performance, quality, and other parameters are concerned, there lies next to no difference between the two. Which one do you prefer the most? What are your thoughts on Arduino boards and Elegoo boards? Further, if you have any queries, write to us in the comment section given below.

5 Best Retro Gaming Kits for 2020

The world of entertainment has popped-up ever since technology made its way into gaming. While gaming has always been a fun-filled and engaging pass time, the introduction of Raspberry Pi starter kits elevated the level of entertainment and made the task much easier.

Are you a gaming enthusiast and bored of playing with Xbox, and playstation? Now, switch to Raspberry Pi retro gaming kits as it can emulate the good old games like Pacman, Super Mario, etc. It will be a fun-filled option for beginners, professional developers to access the kit effortlessly. Not just that, the gaming kit you prefer must offer you enough entertainment and engagement by displaying top-notch graphics without buffering, halt or screen edge blurring.

If you are looking for an advanced and competent Retro Gaming Kit for you, the market has a plethora of choices to offer. While some of these come with outstanding features with a promise to augment your hours of leisure, some come available in a pocket-friendly price without compromising much on the quality parameters. However, checking the features before settling for a deal is a must for these kits. The following are some of the best retro gaming kits available in the market. Let’s discuss each in detail..!

LABISTS Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Retro Gaming Kit  Check Price
V-Kits Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (B Plus) Retro Arcade Gaming Kit  Check Price
Crisp Concept Retropie Raspberry Pi 4 Kit  Check Price
Retro flag NESPi Case+ Plus with USB Wired Game Controllers Check Price
Qenker 2-Player LED Arcade DIY Kit for USB MAME PC Game DIY Check Price

1. LABISTS Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Retro Gaming Kit

LABISTS retro gaming kit enhances your overall gaming experience by featuring a superior Motherboard powered with 4GB RAM that efficiently handles the gaming tasks. The HEVC 4K streaming clocked at a speed of 60 fps gets managed motherboard without hassle.

Compared to V-Kit Raspberry Pi 3 Model, LABISTS kit features a 64GB micro SD card preloaded with NOOBS, making it easy to boot and install. Besides its ergonomic built, this gaming kit comes with moderate to advanced features and thus makes the experience of gaming fun-filled and engaging. The two joysticks help in controlling the game and allow the players with ease of operation. Moreover, it has a 1.7m cable to minimize tangling issues and connect seamlessly with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi modules.

Be it the features or performance, LABISTS gaming kit seems ideal for those who love to spend their leisure hours sitting in front of the screen playing a Video Game. Overall, it is easy to connect and operate; this one can be your one-stop choice to look for a retro gaming kit.

Key Features :

  • 4GB Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • 64GB Micro SD Card Storage Space
  • 60FPS of  Frame Rate
  • USB 2.0 – 2, USB 3.0 – 2
  • 64-bit Quad core processor at 1.5GHz
Buy Now

2. V-Kits Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (B Plus) Retro Arcade Gaming Kit

Do you want to play side-scrolling games? Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 gaming kit is the right choice. It is embedded with a 64-bit quad-core processor that grabs the buyer’s attention. It also offers high-end performance and speed when you are on the play. It conveys every gamer a unique and seamless experience every time.

Similar to LABISTS Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Gaming Kit, Vilros also offers a class 10 micro SD card of super performing variety. You should also beware that the quality of SD cards greatly impacts the level of gaming. Hence, V-kits can be the ideal choice for novice to pro-gamers.

The two gamepads that come with this kit make it one of the most sought after options in the market. The Gamepads are from Vilros and feature advanced and upgraded specifications. This is why you get a superior gaming experience and ease of operation with these gamepads.

If you find it difficult to assemble the parts, take a sneak-peek into the Vilros Quick Start Booklet which provides detailed information on retro gaming. Bothered about how to settle for an affordable yet feature-packed Retro Gaming Kit? Do not worry! Grab V-kits Raspberry Pi 3 model as the processor clocked at the speed of 102 Gz makes this one a pocket-friendly yet practical choice for every game.

Key Features :

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 32B Micro SD Card Storage Space
  • Vilros Retro gaming user guide
  • 5-feet HDMI Cable
  • UL certified 2.5A power supply
  • USB 2.0 Ports – 4
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3. Crisp Concept  Retropie Raspberry Pi 4 Kit

Retropie Raspberry Pi 4 gaming kit indeed comes with a 128 GB micro SD card snatching away every trace of your worry about the speed and the experience of gaming. For those who indulge in a variety of video games to keep their leisure times full of fun, this kit is the best choice.

What makes the V-Kits Raspberry Pi 3 and Retro Arcade Gaming Kit much alike is the two Retro Gamepads of SNES style that both come with. As far as ease of controlling the game is concerned, it offers a superior level of ease and flexibility.

Adding up, it comes pre-installed with a cooling fan that helps the processor to stay cool and function effortlessly when used for a long-time. No matter how many hours of gaming the processor has to deal with, the efficient fans help in dissipating the heat generated. Also, this retropie console comes completely assembled that reduces the efforts of installation and fixing, especially for newbie.

Besides the super performing 128 GB micro SD card that almost snatches all the attention of the buyers, this console also comes with plenty of other advanced features loaded in it. If you are bothered about where to find these kits, order online and your kit will reach your doorstep without any delay.

Key Features :

  • 128GB Micro SD Card Storage Space
  • SNES Retro USB gamepads – 2
  • Acrylic case with cooling fan
  • Raspberry Pi 4 kit
  • 5V/3A power adapter and HDMI cable
  • Starter guide and Retropie manual
Buy Now

 4. Retro flag NESPi Case+ Plus with USB Wired           Game Controllers

Are you willing to purchase a gaming kit and worried about the budget? Here presenting you the Retro Flag NESPi Case+ that would fit into your slender budget comfortably. The main reason for most of the gamers choosing this kit is it comes with a reasonable amount of features to keep your gaming experience managed without forcing you to step beyond your resources. Apart from its surprisingly low price, the fair features of this kit also demand your attention.

In contrast with the 128GB Retro pie Raspberry Pi 4 Console, Retroflag NESPi Case+ comes with a pair of Game controlling Gamepads. No matter how much it differs from Retro pie Raspberry Pi 4 model in terms of the prices; this one does not fall behind when offering the gamer ease of operation and ultimate gaming comfort.

One of the primary benefits of choosing this kit from the many available in the market is that it would never burn a major hole in your pocket. With a comprehensive range of features, adequate to keep your gaming times full of entertainment and fun, this one is compatible with most of the operating systems like Windows 1998, 2000, Mac, etc. No matter how budget-friendly this one might look, it never asks the gamer, looking for quality gaming experience, to compromise. This makes this console one of the smartest choices for people looking for budget conscious people.

Key Features :

  • Compatibility – Windows98/2000, Mac
  • USB Controllers – 2
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) – 4
  • Heat sinks -3, cooling fan – 1
  • USB cable, DIY power cable -2
  • Instruction manual
Buy Now

5. Qenker 2-Player LED Arcade DIY Kit for USB MAME PC Game DIY & Raspberry Pi Retro Controller

If you are all set to add a new dimension to your overall gaming experience, this one is probably the ideal kit for you. Compatible with all Windows setup, this one can be an aesthetic addition to your gaming area. Good for those who love to keep their place of gaming decorated and lively, this one is also low on price.

Much like the Retro flag NESPi Case+, Qenker Arcade DIY Kit does not get heated enduring long hours of gaming. What makes it endure high levels of heat is its superior quality material that this one comes made of. The 2 Zero delays LED USB encoders, 2x 5Pin wires for Joystick, 10 Red 28mm LED Push Buttons, 1 Red 5Pin 8 way joystick, 1 Install Description, 2 USB Cable, 20x 3Pin wires for LED Push Buttons, 1 Red 5Pin 8 way joystick come along with this kit.

Hence, when you receive the parcel, check the items carefully. Hence, if you are searching for a console that would neither tax you on the budget line nor on the gaming experience lateral, this one is the perfect choice for you. Turn your gaming hours into fun-filled amusing times by adding this kit to your existing set.

Key Features :

  • 5-pin 8 way joystick – 1 (red)
  • 5-pin 8 way joystick – 1 (blue)
  • Zero delay LED USB encoder – 2
  • 3-pin wires for LED push buttons – 20
  • 28mm LED push buttons  -10 (red)
  • 28mm LED push buttons  -10 (blue)
Buy Now

Conclusion :

To recapitulate, our top pick from the list is LABISTS Raspberry Pi 4  Retro Gaming Kit that is best in offering high-end gaming features and accessories within the budget preferences. Moreover, it allows gamers to enjoy without any speed issues. The above list covers a wide range of gaming kits from where you can choose the fittest effortlessly. Some of these are pretty expensive while some are very much within everyone’s reach. The best part about these options is that no matter the variety in prices, all of these come with fairly advanced features that do not let you compromise on the gaming experience front.

5 Best Arduino Sensor Kits for 2020

If you have bought an arduino starter kit and want to learn more about the arduino board then arduino sensors kit is the next kit you can try for.There are many sensors available in this electronics world.These sensor kits are less expensive.They are also compatible with other developmental boards.

Arduino sensors kit includes variety of sensors and modules.DHT11,DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor,arduino ultrasonic sensors(HC-SR04),arduino motion sensors,arduino​​​​ IRsensors,Arduino vibration sensor,Arduino joystick module are few arduino sensors to name.Here is the list of best sensor kits.You can check the list of sensors included in the kit before buying a kit.

SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit for Arduino Check Price
ELEGOO Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit  Check Price
Miuzei Starter Kit for Arduino Projects Including Sensors Check Price
Kuman Compatible For Arduino Raspberry pi Sensor kit Check Price
HiLetgo 37 Sensors Assortment Kit for Arduino Check Price

1. SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit for Arduino R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano – Including 98 Page instructions Book

The Sunfounder kit has 37 sensors. The sensors in this kit have white sockets instead of traditional pins.Cables required for these pins are also included in the kit.The user manual contains 35 projects with code,fritzing images,bread board images,datasheets etc. Code can also be downloaded from the sunfounder site for free.The case provided is very well designed with 8 grids.So that components can be stored by category. This kit does not include a controller board.

36 Experiments with Modules :

  • Lesson 1 Display by I2C LCD1602
  • Lesson 2 Analog Hall Sensor
  • Lesson 3 Switch Hall Sensor
  • Lesson 4 Analog Temperature Sensor
  • Lesson 5 Temperature Detection by Thermistor
  • Lesson 6 Auto-flash LED
  • Lesson 7 Barometer
  • Lesson 8 Real-time Clock Module
  • Lesson 9 Flame Alarm
  • Lesson 10 Flammable Gas Detection
  • Lesson 11 Humiture Detection
  • Lesson 12 Joystick PS2
  • Lesson 13 Controlling an LED by Button
  • Lesson 14 Vibration Switch
  • Lesson 15 Touch Switch
  • Lesson 16 Photo-interrupter
  • Lesson 17 Photoswitch
  • Lesson 18 Reed Switch
  • Lesson 19 Relay
  • Lesson 20 Blinking an LED by Potentiometer
  • Lesson 21 Tilt Switch
  • Lesson 22 Buzzer
  • Lesson 23 Digital Temperature Sensor
  • Lesson 24 Rainbow LED
  • Lesson 25 Infrared Receiver
  • Lesson 26 Dual-color LED
  • Lesson 27 Sound Sensor
  • Lesson 28 Rotary Encoder
  • Lesson 29 Laser Transmitter
  • Lesson 30 IR Tracking Sensor
  • Lesson 31 IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
  • Lesson 32 Color Detection
  • Lesson 33 Analog-Digital Converter
  • Lesson 34 Raindrop Detection
  • Lesson 35 Distance Detection by Ultrasonic
  • Lesson 36 Thermostatic Water Tank

Continue reading →

8 Best Arduino Boards for 2020

In the world of tech-era Arduino has grown exponentially for its reliability and hassle-free functioning. Whether you want to craft DIY RGB LED Matrix, Robotic Arm, 7-Segment display, or Christmas Tree Lights, you need a solid interface like Arduino Boards. Despite, from novice to expert, hobbyists develop multiple applications using the Arduino boards for its open-source integration, and simple usage.

To your surprise, Arduino boards comprise a micro controller, a complex circuitry with connectors, RAM, sensors, and a USB interface. Adding up, there are hundreds of shields available online to craft wonderful projects with little coding knowledge. If you are a beginner and baffled with a plethora of choices, then here we are offering the Top Arduino Boards that are in huge demand in 2020. Let’s get started.Continue reading →

15 Best Arduino Robot Kits for Beginners Reviewed in 2019

Robots are undoubtedly the most important part of life these days – be it applications like welding, assembly, processing in manufacturing industries, defence, space, or domestic areas and building a operational robot is definitely a tough job with all the complex coordinates calculation, calibrations, drawing and other scientific stuff which only a thorough geek would grasp.

But, thanks to development of Arduino, an open source hardware platform, it is now easier for even a newbie to venture into this fascinating field of developing robots.

Given below are a list of educational Arduinos based robotic kits, feasible enough for beginners to build using assembly instructions and program using simple block based graphical or C programming, and also for professionals to upgrade their robotics, programming and electronics skills.

ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Robot Car Kit V 3.0  Check Price
Makeblock mBot Robot Kit with DIY mechanical building blocks  Check Price
KINCREA Smart Robot Car Kit with Arduino IDE  Check Price
KOOKYE Robot Car Electronics Parts Kit with CD Tutorial Check Price
UCTRONICS Smart Bluetooth Robot Car Kit Check Price
Yahboom UNO R3 Based Robot Project Super Starter Learning Kit Check Price
Jun-Electron Starter Robot Car Chassis Kit Check Price
ADEEPT Remote Controlled Smart Car Kit  Check Price
XIAOR Geek HD Camera Based DS Wi-Fi Smart Robot Car Kit Check Price
VKMaker Avoidance Tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Check Price
XIAOR GEEK 4WD Robot Chassis Kit with a 4 TT Motor Check Price
UNIROI Arduino Based Smart Robot Car Kit Check Price
Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi Tank Smart Robot Kit  Check Price
SunFounder 4 Dancing Sloth Programmable Arduino Robot Car Kit Check Price
Anki Cozmo Robotic Educational Robotic Kit Check Price

1) ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Robot Car Kit V 3.0 


  • Obstacle avoidance feature to automatically detect obstacles irrespective of direction, with the help of ultrasonic sensors.
  • Easy to control using smart devices through ELEGOO BLE tool application.
  • Line tracking feature for a smooth motion on a predesigned runaway using infrared transmitter and receiver tubes, only constraint being a clear and long run-away.
  • Version V3.0 available with facility to learn about loading programs and command the car movement, thus enhancing user interaction with the robot car.
  • Version V1.0 available with facility to add extra sensors for more functionalities.
  • Easy to assemble feature with XH2.54 modular interface for easy wiring while installing sensors.

Components inside ELEGOO :

  1. Arduino compatible ELEGOO UNO R3 controller board with provision to learn programming, robotics and electronics.
  2. USB cable.
  3. V5.0 extension board for V3.0 robot.
  4. L298N motor driver board with V3.0 robot.
  5. 1 servo motor along with fixed plate.
  6. One line tracking module
  7. 4 motors
  8. 1 remote
  9. 1 charger
  10. 1 cell box
  11. 2 18650 batteries
  12. 1 tape
  13. 8 separation shims
  14. 2 pieces acrylic plates
  15. 4 wheels
  16. 8 bags of screws and nuts for sensors and modules
  17. 4 pieces Aluminum blocks
  18. 10 pieces copper columns
  19. 1 piece plastic box
  20. 1 pieces CD with tutorial
  21. Several DuPont wires
  22.  Several fixing tools
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2) Makeblock mBot Robot Kit with DIY mechanical building blocks

Features :

  • Educational robot kit to learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
  • Easy to assemble within 15 minutes through given directions in user guide.
  • Hundreds of add-on parts and packages available to create customized mBot.
  • mBlock app available for beginners to learn block-based coding using simple drag and drop method.
  • 100% compatible with building block pieces which in turn encourages users especially children for innovative designs and enhances their creativity.
  • Two versions available with infrared remote control.
  • One version available with Bluetooth control using smartphone (iOS or Android – Makeblock App).
  • Another version available with 2.4G wireless control using laptop.
  • 3 pre-set modes available; IR control mode, obstacle avoidance mode and line-following mode indicated through on-board RBG LED.
    • White color: Default IR control mode.
    • Green color: Obstacle avoidance mode.
    • Blue color: Line follower mode.
  • Controllable through Makeblock app with 30 predefined modules for users to customize the robot by combining different modules.
  • Arduino C controlled robot for electronic geeks.

Components inside mBot :

  1. IR remote control.
  2. 1 AA battery holder.
  3. 1 Lithium battery holder.
  4. 2 motors.
  5. 2 wheels
  6. 1 ultrasonic sensor and 1 line follower sensor
  7. 8 M4x8 mm screws.
  8. One M3 x 25 mm screw
  9. Bluetooth/2.4G wireless module.
  10. 4 M4 x 25 mm brass studs and 4 M3 nuts.
  11. Two M2.2 x 9 mm self-drilling screws.
  12. One USB and RJ25 cable.
  13.  mCore layout with battery holder interface, reset button, USB connector, power switch, motor interface, 2 RJ25 ports, buzzer, IR receiver, IR transmitter and light sensor.
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3) KINCREA Smart Robot Car Kit with Arduino IDE

Features :

  • Easy to assemble chassis with necessary socket for sensors and directly charging interface with 8.4-volt charger.
  • 4 wheel drive forward design supply with enough driving force.
  • Two modes of control – infrared remote control and mobile phone app control (Android system).
  • Feasible to learn and develop electronics, programming and robotics for both starters and professionals.
  • Infrared tracking to follow objects at the forefront using infrared obstacle avoidance module.
  • Obstacle avoiding using infrared and ultrasonic detection.
  • Line following function with infrared tracking.
  • 100% compatible with Arduino IDE along with source code for beginners to learn and develop coding.
  • Extended pin interface for Arduino Uno with the need to only solder pins.
  • Stable and improved shock absorbing high quality wheels with inner tube.

Components Inside KINCREA :

  1. 4 rubber tyres.
  2. 4 motor driver modules.
  3. One IR remote.
  4. One adaptor.
  5. One ultrasonic module.
  6. Two 3.7Volt rechargeable Lithium batteries.
  7. Other Electronics circuit and mechanical components
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4) KOOKYE Robot Car Electronics Parts Kit with CD Tutorial for Arduino Tank Platform

Features :

  • Easily customizable robotic car with open source Arduino compatible learning kit.
  • Easy for DIY assembling w5r4eith tutorial guide containing sample codes, circuits, assembly instructions and videos in 6 different lessons.
  • Can work in any mode – Auto go, Infrared control, Obstacle avoidance, Object following, or line tracking.
  • Easily controlled through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using Android App

Components Inside KOOKYE :

  1. One Acrylic board for tank chassis
  2. One UNO R3 board with USB cable
  3. One Expansion board
  4. One Bluetooth module
  5. One Motor Driver Module
  6. Three Tracking sensor modules
  7. Three IR Obstacle Avoidance modules
  8. One servo Motor
  9. One Ultrasonic Sensor module
  10. One Buzzer sensor module
  11. One IR Receiver
  12. One IR Remote controller
  13. One Voltage meter
  14. One Box for 18650 3.7V battery
  15. One DC power connector with wires
  16. One Mount holder for Ultrasonic Sensor
  17. Three 8pin Jumper wires female to female 20cm
  18. One 10pin Jumper wires female to female 30cm
  19. One 20pcs Plastic ribbon
  20. One Cross and Slotted Screwdriver
  21. One DVD
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

5) UCTRONICS Smart Bluetooth Robot Car Kit

Features :

  • Easily controllable through smart phones using Android App and Bluetooth.
  • Easy to assemble kit with step by step guide.
  • Easy object detection through ultrasonic module.
  • Can also be controlled using remote control and IR receiver.
  • Can also work in line tracking mode.
  • Easily programmable using Arduino IDE or other related software.

Components inside Uctronics :

  1. One UNO R3 Board for Arduino
  2. One L293D Motor Drive Expansion Board
  3. One HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  4. One Line Tracking Module
  5. One HC-05 Bluetooth Module and holder
  6. One 9g micro servo motor
  7. One Infrared Remote Controller
  8. One cable
  9. One car chassis
  10. Four Geared Motors (1:48)
  11. Four 65mm Wheels
  12. One Battery Container
  13. Two batteries
  14. One battery charger
  15.  Screws and Nuts
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6) Yahboom UNO R3 Based Smart Robot Project Super Starter Learning Kit

Features :

  • STEM educational kit for kids to learn and enjoy installing electronics and programming robots using graphical or C programming.
  • Easy to assemble and install using given detailed dual language tutorials, without the need for welding.
  • Developed on a bat shaped integrated circuit board used as chassis.
  • Controlled through Android App or through IR remote control.
  • Can work in different modes – infrared tracking, obstacle avoidance and line following.

Components Inside Yahboom :

  1. 1 UNO R3 board
  2. 1 Robot car chassis
  3. 1 Ultrasonic module
  4. 1 WIFI module
  5. 2 Gear motor
  6. 2 High-quality car wheels
  7. 4 Connection wires
  8. 4 Motor fixing brackets
  9. 1 Battery box
  10. 2 3.7 V batteries
  11. 1 Charger
  12. 2 Universal wheels
  13. 1 Hardware fitting pack
  14. 1 IR remote control
  15.  1 USB cable
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7) Jun-Electron Starter Robot Car Chassis Kit

Features :

  • UNOR3 controller based educational and fun based robot kit for enthusiasts and professionals to upgrade their electronics, robotics and programming skills.
  • Easy for DIY with given tutorial and welded sensor equipment chassis.
  • Car chassis with built in sensors, motor driver for driving 4 wheels.
  • Infrared obstacle avoidance at any direction, through two inbuilt infrared diodes on front and rear sides of the car.
  • Obstacle avoidance detection using LED indicator and potentiometer.
  • Line tracking function through infrared transmitter tube and infrared received tube.
  • LED indicator to indicate line tracking functionality and potentiometer to adjust sensing distance.
  • Obstacle detection using ultrasonic module installed at front of the car, irrespective of the direction.
  • Ultrasonic ranging distance indication using LCD 1602.
  • Easy to control using Bluetooth control through Android App or through IR remote control.

Components Inside Jun-Electron :

  1. One robot car chassis
  2. One UNO Control board
  3. One data cable
  4. One battery box
  5. 4 pieces wheel
  6. 4 DC motors
  7. 8 DuPont line
  8. 8 pieces motor holder
  9. Screws for motor, battery box & control board
Buy Nowhttps://amzn.to/2XIno8x​

8) ADEEPT Remote Controlled Smart Car Kit 

Features :

  • Arduino Uno R3 and Nano controller-based DIY smart car kit using detailed guidebook containing complete circuit diagrams and assembly steps.
  • Remote controlled robotic car using NRF24L01 2.4G wireless communication between the car and remote control, for smooth movement in all 4 directions and obstacle avoidance.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interface for a smooth functioning.
  • Operated at 7 to 12 Volts DC, through rechargeable batteries.

Components Inside ADEEPT :

  1. One ADEEPT Uno R3
  2. One ADEEPT Acrylic
  3. One Arduino Nano
  4. One ADEEPT Motor Shield V1.0
  5. One ADEEPT Remote Control Shield V1.0
  6. 2 ADEEPT RGB LED Modules
  7. One ADEEPT Passive Buzzer Module
  8. Two Servos
  9. One HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
  10. Two DC Motors
  11. Two NRF24L01 Modules
  12. Twelve M2 Nuts
  13. Eighteen M3 Nuts
  14. Two M4 Nuts
  15. Twelve M2*10 Screws
  16. Four M3*4 Screws
  17. Thirty-Two M3*8 Screws
  18. Six M3*12 Screws
  19. Six M3*30 Screws
  20. Two M4*4 Screws
  21. Four M3*10 Countersunk Head Screw
  22. Six M1.4*6 Self-tapping Screws
  23. Four M3*6 Copper Standoffs
  24. Six M3*12 Copper Standoffs
  25. Eight M3*30 Copper Standoffs
  26. Four F687ZZ Bearings
  27. Four F624ZZ Bearings
  28. Ten M4 Spring Washers
  29. One Cross Screwdriver
  30. One Slotted Screwdriver
  31. One Cross Socket Wrench
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9) XIAOR Geek HD Camera Based DS Wi-Fi Smart Robot Car Kit

Features :

  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi/signal hotspot for easy control using Android/iOS App on smart phone or through PC, video and image transmission using 2DBi External Wi-Fi Antenna.
  • Feasible for beginners to get hands-on experience in robotic designing and installation.
  • Adjustable HD Camera for image and video capturing, with maximum video resolution up to 640 by 480 pixels, 30F/s frame, and manually adjustable focal length.
  • 2 axis pan and tilt servo motors for video capturing at any angle.
  • Extra pins available on expansion board to add more sensors for functions such as ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, ultrasonic detection, line tracking, and many more.
  • Power supply through rechargeable batteries and long operating time of 3 to 4 hours.
  • Easily programmable Arduino control board using drag and drop graphical programming method.
  •  Easy to assemble kit with given detailed tutorial containing source code, necessary programs and learning materials.

Components Inside XIAOR GEEK :

  1. Four 2-Degree of Freedom cloud platform servo motors.
  2. Four motor driver modules.
  3. 4 solid rubber tyres.
  4. One 2200 mAh 7.4V/4A Battery pack with protection circuit
  5. One manually adjustable focal length HD camera.
  6. One Adaptor.
  7. Other electronic circuit and mechanical components
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10) VKMaker Avoidance Tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit

Features :

  • Simple and easy to install mechanical structure.
  • Highly integrated system with equipped start-stop switch.
  • Obstacle avoidance and detection using ultrasonic module.

Components Inside VKMaker :

  1. One Car chassis.
  2. Two Car Wheels.
  3. One DC Gear Motor 1 48: a deceleration DC motor (otherwise 120: 1 Optional),
  4. Two 20-line gun code disks
  5. 4 high intensity black acrylic fasteners
  6. One Caster
  7. One Six battery box
  8. One Quality Rocker Switch
  9. One assembly drawing
  10. Several screws and nuts
  11. One V5 shield
  12. One UNO R3 control board
  13. One SG90 servo motor
  14. One L298N motor driver
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11) XIAOR GEEK 4WD Robot Chassis Kit with a 4 TT Motor

Features :

  • DIY compatible smart robot car with 4 TT DC gear motor.
  • Powerful driving force using 4 motors and non-slip solid tires.
  • Easy to control using wireless remote control.
  • Provision to add micro-controllers and sensor modules, to realize tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, with multiple circuit mounting holes.
  • 3 Volt motor with no load speed of 125RPM.
  • Line tracking using IR sensor module and remote control.
  • PCB material-based robot chassis kit with maximum load of 500 g.
  • Easy and smooth movement using high quality rubber wheels with sponge liner.
  • 3 to 12 volts operating voltage.

Components inside XIAOR GEEK :

  1. One PCB car chassis Kit
  2. Four gear motors (with reduction ratio of 1:48)
  3. 4 x Car tire
  4. 2 x screwdriver
  5. Motor wire, some screw and nut
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12) UNIROI Arduino Based Smart Robot Car Kit

Features :

  • Easy to assemble robot car kit with given tutorial (which includes instructional videos, schematics and source codes).
  • Can be controlled using IR remote control or Android based mobile App.
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance using both ultrasonic and infrared techniques.
  • 100 percent Arduino IDE compatible to learn and experiment with coding.
  • Directly charging functionality with inbuilt DC socket to plug the included 8.4- volt charger.
  • Extended pin interface to solder more pins for adding extra sensors.
  •  High quality 4-wheel drive design for optimal driving force, providing more stability and shock absorbing feature

Components Inside UNIROI :

  1. One Arduino UNO Controller Board
  2. One Ultrasonic Module
  3. Four Reduction motors
  4. One Infrared Remote Controller
  5. Two Infrared Tracking Modules
  6. Two Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Module
  7. One Robot Car Chassis
  8. One L298N Motor Driver Module
  9. Four Wheels
  10. One 8. 4V Charger
  11. One Battery Box
  12. Two 3. 7V Batteries
  13. One USB Data Cable
  14. Two 3 Pin DuPont Wires
  15. 2. 5cm 2 x 2. 0 Lead wire
  16. 50mm 1 x 2. 5 Lead wire
  17. One 50mm Cross Screwdriver
  18. One Small Cross Screwdriver
  19. Four 25mm Copper Pillars
  20. Four 10mm Copper Pillars
  21. 20 M3*6 Screws
  22. Eight M3*25 Screws
  23. Two M3*6 Countersunk Screws
  24. Twelve M3 Nuts
  25. One CD with Code
  26. One Plastic Storage Box
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13) Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi Tank Smart Robot Kit

Features :

  • Real time video capturing with 480-pixel resolution camera; MJPEG or YUYV, which can be manually adjusted for focal length up to 2 degrees of freedom.
  • Camera rotation can be controlled in all directions, by 180 degrees through servo motors controlled by Android phone app.
  • Real time video transmission through 5G Wi-Fi network compatible Raspberry Pi 3B+.
  • Maximum climbing angle of 60 degrees achieved through aluminium alloy chassis, high power 370 motor and metal coupling.
  • Power expansion board compatible with UNO R3, Raspberry Pi, STM32 and 51 controllers and sensor interface.
  • Provision for achieving different coloured searchlights by controlling RBG LEDs’ brightness.
  • Easy to assemble within 60 minutes, with cable socket design instead of traditional Dupont line connection.
  • Programmable through both C and Python language.
  • Raspberry Pi 4B/3B controlled vehicle through Yahboom app on Android operating system, Wechat on Android and iOS operating system and PC for computer control.
  • Multiple functions supported: Ultrasonic sensing for obstacle avoidance, video capturing and transmission, and line tracking.

Components inside Yahboom:

  1. 2 Degrees of Freedom High Definition camera.
  2. SG90 servo platform.
  3. LM25965 IC power supply IC.
  4. TB6612FNG IC motor driver IC.
  5. 370 motor
  6. 3.7-volt 18650 power rechargeable battery pack.
  7. Other electronic board components.
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14) SunFounder 4 Dancing Sloth Programmable Arduino Robot Car Kit

Features :

  • Obstacle avoidance using HC-SR04 ultrasonic module built as ‘eyes’.
  • Arduino compatible SunFounder nano board, visually programmable using Arduino IDE.
  • Feasible to change gesture, direction and speed using programmable 9G servo motors.
  • Easy to assemble educational toy kit using detailed instructions.
  • Controllable to perform different actions such as racing, kick a ball and battle.

Components using SunFounder :

  1. 4 SF006C Servo motors.
  2. One Velcro tape.
  3. 1 mini USB cable.
  4. 6 M1.4*8 screws.
  5. Twelve M2*8 screws.
  6. 6 M1.4 nuts.
  7. One HC-SR04 ultrasonic module.
  8. One expansion board.
  9. One battery buckle wire.
  10. One cross socket wrench.
  11. Eight M3*5 screws.
  12. 12 M2 nuts.
  13. 4 M3*8 bi-pass Copper standoffs.
  14. 4 M3*25 bi-pass Copper standoffs.
  15. 8 M3 self-locking nuts.
  16. 1 Phillips screwdriver.
  17. One 4 pin anti reverse cable.
  18. 10 M1.5*5 self-tapping screws.
  19. 8 M3*8 countersunk screws.
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15) Anki Cozmo Robotic Educational Robotic Kit

Features :

  • Artificial intelligence imbibed robot with human emotions like recognition, expression and even evolution with more human interaction.
  • Edge detection feature for safe self-exploration.
  • Instruction follower robot which can go to places and even greet people and pets using explorer mode.
  • Game playing machine with games like Quick tab, KeepAway, Memory match, Code Cracker, Stack Attack, etc.
  • Re-programmable robot using Code lab, especially for children to explore varieties and showcase their ideas using creative methods.
  • Sandbox: Suitable for beginners to use creative visual programming methods like using different block combinations to make Cozmo play your creation.
  • Constructor: Intermediate coders can use this mode to create complex projects like designing games or interactive dance party.

Components inside Cozmo :

  1. 4 motors and over 50 gears for a smooth motion and exploring.
  2. 30fps VGA camera and facial recognition software for smooth vision and memory.
  3. 128 by 64 resolution facial display for human like expressions.
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Arduino Robot Kits Buying Guide :

  • Ease to Assemble: As a beginner, it is always easier when you are given a kit with inbuilt holes to mount essential components to realize any of your required functions, add sensors without the need to weld or solder anything.
  • Versatility: An Arduino robot kit with easy to assemble feature with DIY feasibility gives scope to achieve multiple functions and leverage its functionality to maximum use.
  • Reprogrammable: An easy to assemble and versatile robot would be no fun to its users (unless you are an expert professional), if it involves complex programming and coding. A simple visual programming would always be preferred over complicated lengthy codes.
  • Microcontroller Integration: An on-board microcontroller with easy to control feature is always preferred over kits without an in-built microcontroller.
  • Price:  It is no doubt that price is a disputable factor with one having to consider each feature since cheap doesn’t means mediocre nor expensive means too excellent.

Conclusion :

While there are multiple factors to decide upon the best Arduino robotic kit suitable for the user needs, I would still recommend Makeblock mBot Robot Kit with DIY mechanical building blocks based upon its easy to assemble feature and programming feasibility using the given user guide. However, it is a contentious issue and definitely the buyer’s call to select required product.

10 Best Arduino Starter Kits for Beginners Reviewed in 2019

Arduino is a user friendly ,open source software and hardware.Initially, it was designed to help students of non electronic and programming background for fast prototyping.Later it adapted to the new challenges in the market.some of its applications are in IOT , 3D printing,embedded.

Arduino makes it easy to work with micro controllers. So ,it attracts many beginners.Although ,there are many other similar platforms like parallax Basic stamp,Netmedia’s BX-24,Phidgetds,MIT’s handy board which simplifies messy micro controller programming,arduino has its advantages.

Advantages of arduino compared to other similar platforms :

In expensive: Arduino board is inexpensive compared to other micro controller platforms.The pre assembled arduino cost is less than $50.

Cross platform: Many micro controller platforms are limited to windows ,arduino IDE can run on Windows,Linux,Macintosh OS X.

Open source and extensible: The arduino software and hardware  is open source.If you are experienced you can easily change and extend the software according to your requirement.Similarly hardware circuits of the arduino are also open source.So one can easily modify the hardware according to the application.

If you are a beginner and planning to learn arduino here are some starter kits for you. Arduino starter kits have step by step instructions for newbie.One can easily start working with arduino using these instructions.

There are so many arduino boards available in the market.The most popular are Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano and Arduino Mega.

ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project Complete Ultimate Starter Kit Check Price
Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit Check Price
ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project Complete Ultimate Starter Kit Check Price
ELEGOO Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit Check Price
ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Most Complete Starter Kit Check Price
SunFounder Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Starter Kit Project Check Price
Kuman Project Mega 2560 Complete Starter Kit with Tutorial Check Price
REXQualis UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial Check Price
ELEGOO UNO Project Basic Starter Kit with Tutorial Check Price
Arduino Starter kit-English Official Check Price

1) ELEGOO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE

This is one of the best economical starter kit for beginners.The main board given in this kit is manufactured by Elegoo not arduino but it is compatible with arduino. As arduino is open source ,Elegoo has designed their own board.

This kit comes along with a PDF tutorial containing 22 lessons.The LCD module provided has pin header .It has power supply module, 9v battery.

List of Components in the kit : 

  1. ELEGOO UNO R3 Controller Board (Arduino-Compatible) – 1
  2. LCD1602 Module (with pin header) – 1
  3. Breadboard Expansion Board – 1
  4. Power Supply Module – 1
  5. Joystick Module – 1
  6. IR Receiver – 1
  7. Servo Motor (SG90) – 1
  8. Stepper Motor – 1
  9. ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board – 1
  10. Ultrasonic Sensor – 1
  11. DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module – 1
  12. 9V Battery with DC – 1
  13. 65 Jumper Wire – 1
  14. USB Cable – 1
  15. Active Buzzer – 1
  16. Passive Buzzer – 1
  17.  Potentiometer – 1
  18.  5V Relay – 1
  19.  Breadboard – 1
  20.  Remote – 1
  21.  Tilt Switch – 1
  22.  Button (small) – 5
  23.  1 digit 7-segment Display – 1
  24.  4 digit 7-segment Display – 1
  25.  Yellow LED – 5
  26.  Blue LED – 5
  27.  Green LED – 5
  28.  Red LED – 5
  29.  RGB LED – 1
  30.  Photo resistor – 2
  31.  Thermistor – 1
  32.  Diode Rectifier (1N4007) – 2
  33. NPN Transistor (PN2222) – 2
  34. IC 74HC595 (serial to serial/parallel IC) – 1
  35. Resistor – 30
  36.  Female-to-male DuPont Wire – 10
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2) Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit Includes 12 Circuit Learning Guide

This kit has few components with which you can make good projects.It comes with 72 page manual explaining the use of each component included in it and arduino programming.This kit has arduino board and breadboard holder ,making you to connect other components  easily.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. Arduino Uno Rev 3-1
  2. Arduino & Breadboard Holder-1
  3. Shift Register-1
  4. P2N2222A Transistors-2
  5. 1N4148 Diodes-2
  6. DC Motor with wires-1
  7. Small Servo-1
  8. 5V Relay-1
  9. TMP36 Temp Sensor-1
  10. 1X 6′ USB Cable-1
  11. Jumper Wires-65
  12. Photocell-1
  13. Tri-color LED-1
  14. Red LED-10
  15. yellow LED-10
  16. 10K Trimpot-1
  17. Piezo Buzzer-1
  18. Big 12mm Buttons-2
  19. 330 Resistors-45
  20. 10K Resistors-45
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3) ELEGOO Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit w/Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE

This kit includes PDF with 35 lessons.There are more than 200 pcs of components in this kit.The LCD module and GY sensor modules have pin header.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. Arduino Uno Rev 3
  2. Arduino & Breadboard Holder-1
  3. Shift Register-1
  4. P2N2222A Transistors-2
  5. 2X 1N4148 Diodes
  6. 1X DC Motor with wires
  7. 1X Small Servo
  8. 1X 5V Relay
  9. 1X TMP36 Temp Sensor
  10. 1X 6′ USB Cable
  11. 65X Jumper Wires
  12. 1X Photocell
  13. 1X Tri-color LED
  14. 10X Red LED
  15. 10X yellow LED
  16. 1X 10K Trimpot
  17. 1X Piezo Buzzer
  18. 2X Big 12mm Buttons
  19. 45X 330 Resistors
  20.  5545X 10K Resistors

Cons :

There are complaints that components received are sometimes defective in this set.If you order through amazon you can easily replace the kit.

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4) ELEGOO Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit with Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE UNO R3 MEGA2560 Nano

To work with this  sensor user should have some basic information in electronics.This is an upgraded sensor kit.Old kit has some unwanted sensors.According to user requirement Elegoo has made some changes and introduced this kit.The sensors used in this were compatible with arduino ,raspberry pi, STM32. This kit contains  31 basic projects for these 31 sensor modules.The arduino board is not included in this kit. List of Components in the kit :

  1. 1 x Joystick Module
  2. 1 x Relay Module
  3. 1 x Rotary Encoder Module
  4. 1 x DS-3231 RTC Module
  5. 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Module
  6. 1 x HC-SR501 PIR sensor Module
  7. 1 x Flame Sensor Module
  8. 1 x Linear Hall Module
  9. 1 x Metal Touch Module
  10. 1 x Digital Temperature Module
  11. 1 x Big Sound Module
  12. 1 x Small Sound Module
  13. 1 x RGB LED Module
  14. 1 x SMD RGB Module
  15. 1 x Two-tone Color Module
  16. 1 x 7 Color Flash Module
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5) ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Most Complete Starter Kit w/Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE (63 Items)

This is another starter kit from Elegoo. It included Elegoo UNO R3 board , USB cable and expansion board.It is compatible with arduino IDE.It has a PDF explaining the use of all components with more than 30 lessons.The modules are pre-soldered ,so easy to wire up and saves a lot of time.

The components provided in this are of high quality.It has 60 kinds of components ​:

  1. 5x White LED
  2. 5x Yellow LED
  3. 5x Blue LED
  4. 5x Green LED
  5. 5x Red LED
  6. 1x RGB LED
  7. 5x 22pf Ceramic Capacitor
  8. 5x 104 Ceramic Capacitor
  9. 2x Photoresistor
  10. 1x Thermistor
  11. 5x Diode Rectifier (1N4007)
  12. 2x Electrolytic Capacitor(10UF 50V)
  13. 2x Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V)
  14. 5x NPN Transistor (PN2222)
  15. 5x NPN Transistor (S8050)
  16. 1x Tilt Switch
  17. 5x Button (small)
  18. 1x 1 digit 7-segment Display
  19. 1x 4 digit 7-segment Display
  20. 1x Sound Sensor Module
  21. 1x LCD1602 Module (with pin header)
  22. 1x IC L293D
  23. 1x IC 74HC595
  24. 1x Active Buzzer
  25. 1x Passive Buzzer
  26. 1x RTC Module
  27. 1x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
  28. 2x Potentiometer
  29. 1x Rotary Encoder Module
  30. 1x Joystick Module
  31. 1x Keypad Module
  32. 1x 5V Relay
  33. 1x IR Receiver Module
  34. 1x UNO R3 Controller Board
  35. 1x Breadboard
  36. 1x Servo Motor (SG90)
  37. 1x Stepper Motor
  38. 1x ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board
  39. 1x Prototype Expansion
  40. 1x Power Supply Module
  41. 1x HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor
  42. 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
  43. 1x GY521 Module
  44. 1x 3V Motor
  45. 1x MAX7219 Module
  46. 1x Remote
  47. 1x 9V 1A Power Supply
  48. 1x 65 Jumper Wire
  49. 1x Water Lever Sensor
  50. 1x USB Cable
  51. 1x 9V Battery with DC
  52. 1x RC522 RFID Module
  53. 10x Resistor (10R)
  54. 10x Resistor (100R)
  55. 10x Resistor (220R)
  56. 10x Resistor (330R
  57. 10x Resistor (1K)
  58. 10x Resistor (2K)
  59. 10x Resistor (5K1)
  60. 10x Resistor (10K)
  61. 10x Resistor (100K)
  62. 10x Resistor (1M)
  63. 20x Female-to-male Dupont Wire
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6) SunFounder Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Starter Kit Project Super Kit for RPi 4B 3B+ 3B 2B B+ A+ Zero Including GPIO Breakout Board Breadboard LCD DC Motor LED RGB Dot Matrix 73 Page Manual User Guide

Here is another starter kit from SUN FOUNDER.This kit is suitable for beginners who already have arduino board,as this kit does not include it.This kit comes with 19 projects giving a creative experience to the user.It comes with stylish packaging.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. 1 x Project Box
  2. 1 x Booklet
  3. 1 x RGB
  4. 40 x Pin Header
  5. 1x 555 Timer IC
  6. 2 x Optocoupler 4N35
  7. 2 x Shift Register 74HC595N
  8. 1 x H-Bridge L293D
  9. 1 x Accelerometer ADXL345
  10. 1 x Rotary Encoder
  11. 5 x Push-Button (small)
  12. 8 x Resistor 220 Ohm
  13. 4 x Resistor 1k Ohm
  14. 4 x Resistor 10k Ohm
  15. 1 x Resistor 1M Ohm
  16. 1 x Resistor 5.1M Ohm
  17. 1x Switch
  18. 1 x Potentiometer (50kΩ)
  19. 1 x LCD1602 Character Display
  20. 1 x Dot Matrix Display 8×8
  21. 2 x 7-Segment Character Display
  22. 1 x DC Motor
  23. 16 x LED red
  24. 2 x LED white
  25. 2 x LED green
  26. 2 x LED yellow
  27. 2 x NPN Transistor (S8050)
  28. 2 x PNP Transistor (S8550)
  29. 4 x Capacitor Ceramic (100nF)
  30. 4 x Capacitor Ceramic (10nF)
  31. 4 x Diode Rectifier
  32. 1 x Breadboard
  33. 1 x USB Cable
  34. 65 x Jumper Wire (Male to Male)
  35. 20 x Dupont wire (Female to Male)
  36. 1 x Passive Buzzer
  37. 1 x Fan
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7) Kuman K4-US for Arduino Project Complete Starter Kit with Detailed Tutorial and Reliable Components for UNO R3 Mega 2560 Robot Nano breadboard Kits

This is another starter kit with reliable components.The components quality is good.The older version of this kit does not include any user guide.But this is an upgraded version.So it includes a CD for project.

List of Components in the kit :

1. Kuman UNO R3 development boardx1
2. USB cable x1
3. Prototype extension board x1
4. Mini breadboard x1
5. 5V stepper motor x1
6. 2003 stepper motor driver board x1
7. Red LED x5
8. Green LED x5
9. Yellow LED x5
10. Vibration Sensor x2
11. Flame sensor x1
12. LM35 temperature sensor x1
13. Infrared receiver x1
14. Photoresistor x3
15. Key cap x 4
16. Key switch x4
17. Adjustable potentiometer x1
18. Passive buzzer piezo buzzer x1
19. Active buzzer tone generator x1
20. Jumper cap x1
21. Large breadboard x1
22. Remote Control x 1
23. 1602 Screen x1
24. Breadboard module x1
25. HC-SR04 module x1
26. Component box x1
27. DuPont line 1 x10pin
28. Breadboard lineapproximately x30
29. 8*8 dot matrix x1
30. One digit eight segment tube x 1
31. Four digit eight segment tube x1
32. IC 74HC595 x1
33. Battery Holder x1
34. Resistance 5 x 220ohm
35. Resistance 5 x 330ohm
36. Ohm resistance 1K x5
37. Ohm resistance 10K x5
38. Battery 9V x1
39. 40pin pin header 2.54mm x1
40. Three color LED module x1
41. Thermistor module x1
42. Touch sensor x1
43. CD with tutorialx1
44. plastic box x1

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8)REXQualis UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE

This starter kit is from rexqualis. This kit is economical and contains all components required for a beginner.It consists of UNO R3 controller board ,an Arduino clove by rexqualis. you can make 23 projects using this kit.kit consists of 30 kinds of components.This kit has 9v 1 amp power adapter.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. 1pcs UNO R3 Controller Board
  2. 1pcs Breadboard Expansion Board
  3. 1pcs Power Supply Module
  4. 1pcs LCD1602 Module (with pin header)
  5. 1pcs Membrane Switch Module
  6. 1pcs 9V 1A Adapter
  7. 1pcs Joystick Module
  8. 1pcs Servo Motor (SG90)
  9. 1pcs Stepper Motor
  10. 1pcs 3-6V Motor
  11. 1pcs Fan Blade
  12. 1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board
  13. 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor
  14. 1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
  15. 1pcs IR Receiver
  16. 1pcs Battery Clip with Male DC
  17. 1pcs 65 Jumper Wire
  18. 20pcs F/M Dupont Wire
  19. 1pcs USB Cable
  20. 1pcs Breadboard
  21. 1pcs Active Buzzer
  22. 1pcs Passive Buzzer
  23. 1pcs Potentiometer
  24. 1pcs 5V Relay
  25. 1pcs Remote
  26. 1pcs Tilt Switch
  27. 1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display
  28. 1pcs 4 digit 7-segment Display
  29. 2pcs Photoresistor
  30. 2pcs Thermistor
  31. 2pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007)
  32. 2pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222)
  33. 1pcs IC 74HC595
  34. 1pcs IC L293D
  35. 5pcs Button (small)
  36. 1pcs RGB LED
  37. 5pcs Yellow LED
  38. 5pcs Blue LED
  39. 5pcs Green LED
  40. 5pcs Red LED
  41. 120pcs Resistor
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9) ELEGOO UNO Project Basic Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE

This is a basic starter kit from Elegoo.Only basic components were included in this kit.So if  you are new tonics and if you have zero knowledge this is best kit for you.The UNO R3 board by Elegoo is compatible with arduino IDE.This kit comes with a CD containing 10 lessons explaining the working of each and every component in the kit.This tutorial explains how to install arduino IDE.Each lesson had detailed explanation about connections ,code and components.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. 1pcs UNO R3 Controller Board(Arduino-Compatible)
  2. 1pcs USB Cable
  3. 1pcs Breadboard
  4. 65 pcs Jumper Wire
  5. 1pcs IC 74HC595
  6. 1pcs Active Buzzer
  7. 1pcs Tilt Switch
  8. 2pcs Photo resistor
  9. 5pcs Yellow LED
  10. 5pcs Blue LED
  11. 5pcs Green LED
  12. 5pcs Red LED
  13. 1pcs RGB LED
  14. 5pcs Button (small)
  15. 10pcs Resistor (10R)
  16. 10pcs Resistor (100R)
  17. 30pcs Resistor (220R)
  18. 10pcs Resistor (330R)
  19. 10pcs Resistor (1K)
  20. 10pcs Resistor (2K)
  21. 10pcs Resistor (5K1)
  22. 10pcs Resistor (10K)
  23. 10pcs Resistor (100K)
  24. 10pcs Resistor (1M)
  25. 5pcs Female-to-male DuPont Wire
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10) Arduino Starter kit-English Official

This starter kit is from Arduino. This kit is available in different languages.Here we provide official English kit.This kit comes with 170 pages PDF,which gives 15 fun projects.This is best selling kit.

List of Components in the kit :

  1. Arduino Projects Book
  2. Arduino UNO
  3. USB cable
  4. Breadboard 400 Pins
  5. Easy-to-assemble wooden base
  6. 9V battery snap
  7. Solid core jumper wires (70)
  8. Stranded jumper wire (1)
  9. Phototransistors (6)
  10. 10KΩ Potentiometers (6)
  11. Push buttons (10)
  12. Temperature sensor TMP36
  13. Tilt sensor
  14. Alphanumeric LCD (16×2 character display)
  15. LEDs (1 x Bright White, 1 x RGB, 8 x Red, 8 x Green, 8 x Yellow and 3 x Blue)
  16. Small DC motor (6/9V)
  17. Small servo motor
  18. Piezo capsule
  19. H-bridge motor driver L293D
  20. Optocouplers 4N35 (2)
  21. MOSFET Transistors IRF520 (2)
  22. Capacitors (5 x 100nF, 3 x 100µF, 5 x 100pF)
  23. Diodes 1N4007 (5)
  24. Transparent gels (red, green, blue)
  25. 40 pin male header strip
  26. Resistors (20 x 220Ω, 5 x 560Ω, 5 x 1KΩ, 5 x 4.7Ω, 10 x 10KΩ, 5 x 1MΩ, 5 x 10MΩ)
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